Sunday, 14 May 2017

Another two eventful days in May

With Grams gone, we gather only during LNY, 清明 and their death anniversaries. I have missed 清明 for many years now coz I don't think the kids can take it - the heat, the incense and the long wait. Gramps' death anniversary falls on Vesak Day so we can always make it.

Compared to LNY, the boys were having lots of fun together. I tried to introduce their cousin - "she's nine!" - but Kai was like, I don't care! Oh well, lucky my boys make a company on their own!

They ate only Mother's fried noodles with chicken and cabbage, and rejected all sides. But I was pleasantly surprised to see them enjoy her agar agar! Now I'm motivated to learn it!! Maybe I should make a trip back this coming 端午节 to make rice dumplings and learn the agar agar!

Yang wanted to be carried

Since they ate so quickly, we decided to come back to nap instead of letting them nap there, which would be tough. But Yang either napped for 30 min or did not nap. I saw him playing with his toys outside just before I dozed off with Yu, as long as he was quiet... Then he came in, grabbed my phone and took 250 photos!!

This was one of his shots

He dozed off at about 5 pm in my lap while watching TV - so cute

We have been watching lots of 激战奇轮 lately. Sito projected it from the laptop to the TV but we realised that it's better to use audio output on the laptop than the TV if we want it soft but clear. Sito tried to find the toys but couldn't. The boys took to using their existing robot toys and medallions to play 激战奇轮 - I was very happy to see them find ways to play that! :)

The parents use Yu as a 奇轮人!!!

One of the boys' fave activities is to stick up their disintegrating Daiso swords with clear tape!

Lately, we've been utilising the many activity books at home too

Today at Chengzhu, we faced some resistance from Yang - he hid at the reception, refusing to go into the classroom. But when I told him there were new toys, he followed me! And after two seconds at the door, he put his marshmallows on the floor and started to remove his shoes - battle won without tears! I helped him to remove and left the room.

When the doors closed, I could see him sitting at one end. Later, he said that he didn't like the new toys. As for Kai, I saw him talking to the teacher and laughing. The teacher also reported to us that unlike some kids, Kai does not reject Chinese so we should not worry. So glad to hear that!

So we had a little date downstairs during the classes

We forgot to ask them if they missed us during the break but they didn't say a thing so I suppose... we can always go on dates now? :p We can even bring Yu to an activity if we're sick of the drinks there - there are so many activities for children in Rochester Mall!

My superman :)

This superman is in Bangkok now. (Kai: Then can we sleep in your bed tonight? *.*) After managing the kids during peak evening hours with just N and me in the past two weeks, I'm well poised to handle today!

Sito left this evening, which meant I had no one to help me shower Yu who can't stand to shower but is not big enough to sit upright in the bathtub and is too big to use the bath stand in the bath tub. So I did something which I never had to do before - shower both of us together! It wasn't the cleanest shower I'd had, obviously. One hand was always with Yu so there was a limit to what I could do with one other hand. Just prioritised areas to clean! The drying was quite alright as the room wasn't too cold, phew!

Other than that, it was already better compared to weekdays coz dinner was at Mum's place. At home, I would plonk Yu on his baby chair with a snack so that I could unsaddle myself and get changed etc; with some luck, his brothers might have finished half their dinner!

After showering, Kai and Yang had their weekly dose of YouTube (or TV on weekdays) while I settled Yu. Maybe half the time, Yu woke while I was settling his brothers, which meant I didn't get to finish settling them. But today, Yu stayed asleep. In fact, the three are all asleep now. When Yu woke n times a night,  it was just difficult to work - have to work at home coz I spend time pumping in office and leave early to fetch the kids - until Sito came home and helped out.

Watching TV with their milk

Some nights, the older boys refused to sleep. That usually happened when I had to leave them to settle Yu. They would be running around and I would nag them over the camera!

Yang refusing to sleep one night

But last night, Kai cried suddenly when I was in the room with him and Yang. He said he didn't like me coz I was "always strike, strike, strike, naughty naughty, naughty"! I felt so bad. Today, Sito and I discussed and brought in the plus to counter strikes! When he gave a treasured marshmallow to a classmate at the end of Chengzhu class today, we gave him a plus immediately. He was pleased :)

I think my eldest is a sensitive boy.

  1. Last Monday, I had to settle Yu and couldn't read them stories. When Sito came back before they fell asleep, Kai told him that there was "no story today because mama said she's busy taking care of baby DiDi. She's so tired."  
  2. A couple of evenings back, I told them how I used to outsource Yang to Y and N coz I was busy and reassured them that now, no matter how busy, I would also send them to bed myself. I don't think Yang understood much but Kai said, "Now he (points at Yang) loves you."
  3. This morning, Kai wanted to restart Moana coz we missed the beginning part due to a connection issue. I refused coz else we wouldn't finish it in time to leave for Chengzhu. But Yang somehow restarted Moana by himself while I was busy with Yu. So Kai came in to tell me about it, ending with a "he's so smart!" 
  4. And when he saw that Yang could snap his fingers on both hands, he went, "You can snap your fingers?!" I remember Kai could hardly snap his fingers as late as last year.

I remember being angry with Mother when I was at Kai's age. Sito reassured me that boys, unlike girls, wouldn't remember but I couldn't help feeling bad. I don't want the kids to remember me as a bad mama who's always scolding them. So I've been reading more on parenting - I don't miss a single parenting article on Facebook these days. I think I could do with some anger management; I've never scolded people so much until I have these little ones! Must remember that 孩子是生来疼的!

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  1. You should hear me when I scream at the gals. I also feel I have anger management issues with those two! Still working on it too! Jia you!


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