Friday, 12 May 2017

My first Mothers' Day with three :)

Ok, it isn't for another two days but we had the celebration in school today :)

But before the celebration, I had a little surprise when I sent Yu upstairs - there's a card from him to me!! Of course, the teachers did it but still, happy :)

On the door - mine is the one at the bottom right

A check-out photo of us and...

Cutouts of his hands! Ya, he loves me THIS MUCH :p

Then I went back to bake some sweet potato chips for the party. It's a Hawaiian theme so I dug out my floral tube dress from some 10 years ago. I like it a lot and meant to wear it during the last two pregnancies coz it's quite spacious but never had the chance to. Paired it with short tights in case I had to sit on the floor. Also dug out the necklace that Sito got me from Nicaragua.

Nice? :)

Well, my boys didn't think it was nice. Before we left for school, Yang looked at me - and I could see this huge question mark above his head - and asked me why I wasn't wearing clothes. I said I was! Then he pointed to my shoulders, "Put some clothes there! Mama shame shame!" Hoho!!

Later in school, Kai asked me why I was STILL not wearing clothes *.* I said I was wearing special clothes, and he went, "Like Moana?" What a lifesaver! Yes, like Moana!! Then his K2 friend chimed in, "You can see Moana's belly!" Um, ya, well, never mind!!

Kai took a selfie with me happily!

This was the first time I went to Kai's classroom at the second floor of the next house. It must be the neatest room of the centre!

While waiting for the activities to start, Kai introduced me to his "queen". What was that?! And the girl, V, turned around, grabbed his head and gave him a big squeeze! My chest felt a little tight right there... My baby is all grown up?! But well, she looks like a sweet girl...

Waiting for the music...

They prepared a performance for us! I didn't even hear Kai mention this! But when the music started, I realised why - it was a Chinese song. And while others were singing along as they danced, my boy's lips were tightly shut. It wasn't until the last chorus that he started singing a few words. When I asked him if he knew the song, he said no coz it was Chinese *.* Yet just now at bedtime, he sang it for me! He knows! I'm happy enough :)

Then he gave me a bracelet and told me how he made it :) When we were about to move to the next room for activities, we left to find Yang. He was putting cheese bits on ketchup on bread. He registered my presence but didn't express anything. I wondered if he felt bad when he didn't see me earlier :( I felt all the guilt I don't feel when I go to work :( I should have gone to his class first.

But he took a selfie with me!

And continued with his task

He waved a sweet potato chip at me coz he didn't like it

Can you see the dark long strips on the paper plate at the far end? Those purple things weren't popular with the N1A kids but back at K1/K2, they were being devoured!

I got a bracelet from Yang too, somewhere between all the snacks. Then he played a little with the flowers on it, looking a little shy. This boy always turns coy when he's not alone!

Yang continued to snack (see a bit of Kai behind us?)

Posing with his chocolate biscuit

And a Want Want senbei

Playing with the hoop he was afraid of just a moment ago

Hi Hannah!

Yup, that's Yang's Hannah. What a sweet little girl! I met Yu's Hannah this evening too - feisty little toddler of 13 months.

Kai was grouchy after he'd had the snacks coz it wasn't fun there. He wanted to go back to his class. But I couldn't leave Yang - Kai had already enjoyed many activities with me but poor Yang had not. So I stayed until after the gift presentation and group photo, which included Kai as well. Then Teacher Z distracted Yang while I made a quick getaway with Kai.

Back in Kai's class, we found some mums still hanging around. Kai found more snacks *.* I closed both eyes already by then! His friend was crying coz his mum came late and left early, said the teacher. When Kai asked me, I told him so and he asked his friend to his face if he was crying coz his mum went home early. His friend gave a sad yes but after that he got better and joined Kai instead of staying at the wall.

I told Kai that I would have to leave already. We had a little discussion about how he was happy when I was there. Then he said he would be happy when I wasn't there too. I said that's because he was brave and very independent. He caught the big word and asked for its meaning. How to explain independent to a kid?! I should go google it...

I left in moderately heavy rain to get to the next nearest NTUC - in Bishan! - to find Japanese curry roux so that the boys could have curry for dinner. Rushed a bit to get that and other groceries plus my lunch. Came back late to pump, shower and start work.

Presents from Kai

Presents from Yang - less two candies!

I just went back to read about Mothers' Day in the past few years. How they've grown! Now they will tell me they love me. In a few years' time, they may forget about Mothers' Day. I'm going to every celebration while they still want me!

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