Thursday, 18 May 2017

Yu's first fever

Yu had his first fever today, six plus weeks into infant care. Not bad le :p

I let Yu cry to sleep on Monday night while I stayed next to him. On Tuesday night, he woke to nurse and couldn't be put down. But after a little fussing, he went to sleep on his own, taking a pacifier instead of being rocked! Last night, he fussed and I didn't nurse him but he went back to sleep on his own! I was so happy about it until he woke just past midnight - fever *.* 37.7 in one ear and 38.5 in the other.

I pasted a fever patch on his forehead, saw that he didn't reach for it, and patted him down. We lost the patch towards the end of the night - found it at the foot of the bed!! - but his fever had gone down. In the early morning, he measured 37.5. By the time the clinic opened, his fever was gone.

But he was sneezing a lot! And every sneeze made my little baby a disgusting baby - mucous everywhere!

The clinic had a PD but I didn't want to spend $200 on something I could cure myself - I could have got medicine from the pharmacy but seeing that this was his first fever and I needed his child MC, I brought him to the clinic. We got a nice middle aged Japanese doctor who reassured me like a first-time mum. I brought along a bottle of paracetamol for her to indicate the correct dosage coz it was from his vaccination a few months ago - never opened and still far from expiry. She gave me something for the runny nose but it didn't seem to work until like eight hours later?! By bedtime, he didn't drip so much.

The bassinet is old and creaky now. But it was such a good buy for three kids to sleep in, lie in, sit up in. And for Yu in particular, we put him lying there to facilitate giving him vitamin C, and today, his medicine and fresh barley water!

Making noise with Sophie - I need to try that one day!

On normal work days, I can work the whole day and not be sleepy. But today, I was so sleepy at noon that I napped with him until he woke me up. After lunch, he was fussing quite a bit due to the runny nose - the fever did not return - so we took a walk!

Aimed at least five times coz he kept turning!

I wanted to go to Star Vista but decided on One North after glancing at the map - can check out Sito's work neighbourhood!

After some walking, Yu dozed off and I sat down for a drink. So nice :) Then I went to get some buns and cheese tarts for Kai and Yang on Saturday. I only realised it was Thursday today after paying for the stuff. The cheese tarts will keep but the buns! Shall just give them for breakfast tomorrow.

We had some fun at the bassinet, playing with toys, listening to Chinese nursery songs, drinking barley water, before he started to fuss again. So I showered him - I didn't think I would have to do it myself a second time this week!! Anyway, I showered again after settling everyone at 9 pm.

I managed to squeeze in quite a bit of work just now. But I missed a meeting this morning and I have another one tomorrow morning. Hope the fever stays away and the runny nose dries up!

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