Thursday, 11 May 2017

Yu turns seven months!

And a couple of days... Too busy and tired at night, plus Yu kept waking up...

Yu has grown so much in the past month.

Since entering infant care, he can now drink out of a bottle. Some three plus weeks into infant care, I discovered one night that he was willing to take the pacifier! What a life saver! But it doesn't mean bedtime is easier all the time coz he will take the pacifier only when he's ready for it.

Yu took a bottle at home

I'm glad to report that he is still on full breastmilk and that I'm not running out yet. He drinks only 120 ml per feed compared to his brothers who took 180 ml per feed. On stressful and/or busy days when I run short, I have a stash to top up with. So far, it looks like I can keep up for quite a while more.

But at some point, my pump output will probably go down so I'll have to supplement with formula. My third Nestle goodie bag came with a small can of formula to try. This goodie bag is very useful. I got HA for Kai in case he was allergic but of course he was fine. They didn't ask me for Yang and I also didn't think about it so I got the normal formula for Yang. Both of them made me spend a lot of money on NAN formula hoho! For Yu, I requested for HA when they called to confirm my details for delivery. I also had a Dumex goodie bag for Yang some time last year but he didn't seem to like it as much. But I like their maternal milk though :p

Oops, I digressed...

He's also eating more and more. I couldn't find plain rice cereal at NTUC but he's been having that in school. I figure that I can give him other foods at home. I have si sen powder and oat cereals but he's had avocado and apple too. He even had wholemeal bread on May Day! It was quite funny - he got angry whenever we stopped giving him bread :p Gonna try other first foods and hope he'll be less picky than his brothers eventually. So far, he's only having solids for breakfast and/or lunch, and only one dinner on 2 May coz there was some frozen milk leftover from school.

Plain baked apple

He might find it a little strong but he was still keen to gnaw on it until he dropped it. On the other hand, he didn't like carrot - all three of them rejected the Nestle sample!! I thought perhaps he might do better on baby led weaning. Will try to give him some finger food next weekend. Now, indulge me as I flood you with images of him enjoying his baby bite biscuit.

Wa, nice! What is this?

Don't care what it is - it's yummy!

Om nom nom

You want some?

Nah, not sharing!

Kidding la! Here, for you!

Gotcha! It's all MINE!

Gotta finish quickly lest you snatch it

Gnawing on a bit of cucumber, which he didn't seem to like

And his latest snack thanks to Yan 表姨

Oh, and he seems to have recovered from his bout of red bum bum and frequent poops. His bum is only sometimes red and he doesn't poop as frequently now. With the cream from Yan, the redness is further reduced but the chafed skin will take time to heal...

Yu can sit pretty well now. He may fall forward and lift himself up. But more likely, he falls to one side and goes-a-flipping. He's such a flipper now! Really have to watch him 100% when he's on our bed. But it's really exciting coz the next step will be crawling!

Sitting up on the gym now

The downside to all this growing up is that, he can no longer become sleepy after just two hours! :( Sometimes when I try to rock him, he struggles to sit up instead, and I'll have to carry him upright for a while. And sometimes, there's no point putting him down gently coz he wakes anyway! So sometimes I kind of do a quick baby dump - let him roll off my arms into recovery position.

When I overdid the baby dump :p 

In the last couple of weeks, I started reciting 唐诗 to Yu at bedtime. It worked quite well, especially when my voice was too hoarse to sing the usualy lullabies! I'm also hoping he's more receptive towards Chinese...

Papa carried Yu in the Lillebaby for the first time on Sunday!

Yu is finally happy with this carrier. He even fell asleep in it when I used it to carry him to his first tuina last Saturday! Hope the tuina can help him sleep better and more.

Smiling at the doctor

Had to hold his other hand coz he would go for his other hand or try to turn. He can grab things quite well. He's also interested in reaching out for toys. Once, he happened to push his feet against me and moved forward. Definitely be using toys to encourage him to crawl.

Hiding toys in the folds of his bassinet for him to find

Yesterday, my dear baby went mam mam mam mam mam many many times! Probably random noises using the simplest vowel and consonant but I can't help imagining that he was calling out for me :)

But this evening, while he was mamming milk milk, he looked up, smiled and let the nipple slide to the right side of his mouth. And he clenched down hard. I screamed and slapped his cheek. He released, stunned, and burst into a loud wail! I felt so sorry :( I held him tight to console him before offering the other side. Then when I apologised and called out to him, he unlatched and smiled at me. We're good again :) But I followed up with a lecture on never biting me. Or my phone when he grabbed it after nursing.

Can't wait to see how he'll progress in the next month!

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