Sunday, 28 May 2017

Lovely weekend, mostly due to Kai

Saturday began with a very pleasant Kai. There was no whining. There were lots of thanks and pleases. When he told me that he came into our room at night, saw Yang in our bed and went back to his own bed coz there was no space, like I had told him to, my heart went out to him. I suggested that perhaps I could put a mattress on the floor next to our bed so that he could sleep in our room. He was so pleased to hear that! He said this twice - that's such a good idea, thank you, I love you!

Such a pleasant start right?

After the PTC, I bought a wedge of organic Japanese pumpkin for Yu's lunch from Cold Storage and got some milk powder from NTUC - I choose where I shop based on availability and points :p Bumped into Mother at the lift lobby as she came to deliver some rice dumplings. Her lot this year looks much better but still yummy! But they could do with a little more meat and a little less rice... I had two for lunch :p I had part of two dumplings for breakfast - "part" coz they were so gross. I had a proper dumpling breakfast this morning :p

Anyway, I went for a scalp treatment next and rushed to pick the kids up. While the older boys lunched, I pumped. Kai helped to hold the pump on the right side when he was done with lunch! And then, Yu had a bit of his yummy pumpkin porridge. I couldn't help but wonder if he might like his first porridge at home better if N had followed my instructions to freeze the soaked rice first - she froze the rice alright, together with a lot of water *.* And that was despite both me and Mum telling her n times in both English and Bahasa! Whatever la..

Next was an adventure with Yu! I left a sleepy Kai and an unwillingly-to-sleep Yang, and hopped on a bus to town. My aim was to get some fluffy paint to make their socks non-slip. But we chanced upon a dinosaur exhibit!

The dinosaurs can move!!!

I want to bring the brothers there! I have until 11 June to do so...

Besides the fluffy paint, I also bought four big bottles of poster colours. Might as well stock up since I was there! The three primary colours plus white. Also got a Swiss roll and some wassants. Came home just in time to catch their tea time! But Yang didn't eat coz he vomited up a little when he coughed too much, poor thing...

Must take a picture with the jelly babies

We watched only one episode of cartoon before heading out to Star Vista. Sito was carrying Yu which left me quite free to interact with the older boys.

Pretending to collide on the train

Kai kept asking whether he could play with bubbles at every different part of the journey - when we got to the lift landing, when we got downstairs, when we crossed the road, when we got in the train station! It was finally time to play when we left the train station at Buona Vista, just before the covered walkway.

We forgot to bring the stick for Yang's bottle so we used Sito's Mi Band 2. So poor thing. I found it a little difficult but after a while, Yang managed to use it to blow lots of bubbles!

"I'm blowing bubbles!"

Kai's bottle had its stick attached to the cap

Chasing his bubbles

Even though Yang spilled some solution, he still had a lot left when he decided to stop. We kept the bottles for another day and went on for dinner. Kai asked for and almost finished his kiddy meal - really a big boy now :) Yang had to be bribed to eat some rice from my don.

The bribe - the boys can now share (almost) properly and they ate very quickly!

Yang decided to have a wassant after his shower. I let him since I was busy with Yu. Some time in the midst of our bedtime routine, I found him standing in the kitchen, looking at the bedroom. When I went near, I realised he had got himself another wassant!! I stopped him and sent him to bed. No snacking if you reject your dinner!

Had a little argument with Kai about when to put the mattress on our floor. Eventually, he agreed to Friday and Saturday - Sito and I thought it could be an incentive and serve as bonding opportunity too. So last night, I pulled in the mattress just before I slept. I woke in the early morning to find him all curled up there even though there was space on our bed; Yang didn't come in. Later, Kai said our room was so cosy. Glad you like it baby :)

This morning, Sito had an office bonding event - dragon boating! So N and I brought the kids to Chengzhu. Yang was standing with me when I sent Kai into his class. I wonder if that led to him being willing to go into his class without being asked! After Kai went in, we walked over to his class which was still being prepared. He peered into the room and opened it! Luckily, a teacher said they were just ready so he walked in. I was so pleasantly surprised!

Exploring mimosa on the way to Chengzhu

Went to Starbucks today. The queue was long and Yu started fussing. After paying, I sat down near the counter to nurse Yu, thinking my drink would take a bit of time and in any case, it could stay there for a while. But the lady behind me brought me my drink with a straw! It was so nice of her :) Later, I realised she was a fellow Chengzhu mum.

Went upstairs once Yu was done. He was fussing a little so I gave him a Baby Bite biscuit. He really wanted my drink though :p

"Let me have it directly now instead of two hours later!"

Can you see the last of his biscuit?

Sito joined us at Mum's place way past 1 pm. Then it was the usual. I was so tired when Yu woke from a short nap and started fussing. So glad to have had a little nap on the massage chair in the later afternoon. That was also when Yang was playing around with Mum's phone. He's quite a good photographer.

The grandparents with Yu - by Yang

He also took a photo of me napping. It was too unglam to share! :p They woke me with little punches to my belly.. Later, when Kai was keeping toys, I heard him reply to Mum in Chinese - 可以。Very simple. Very short. But to have him say Chinese voluntarily was great!! But it got better...

Kai had accumulated three strikes at one shot coz he disturbed Yu's sleep. So no video for him after showering today. So while Yang was watching YouTube, Kai volunteered to do some writing in his Chengzhu booklet as he wasn't there for the early part of the term. I was so pleased that when he saw 雨, he recognised it as part of his name :) We wrote quite a bit until 8 pm. Yang looked so tired so I got Sito to write with Kai while I brought Yang to bed. His fever was gone by then but he sweated so much that I had to change him. Hope he'll be fine soon.

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