Thursday, 18 May 2017

Lose weight 001

Before the gym ball, when I rocked Yu to sleep around our room, he liked to stare at my belly binder which hangs on the outside of our wardrobe in the day. It was as if he knew a friend when he saw it - the belly binder is helping me recover my shape so he won't have to pay for it next time! :p

With Kai, I lost all the pregnancy weight and 2 kg when I went back to work. After I stopped breastfeeding, I gained 4 kg, i.e. net 2 kg. With Yang, I started on a higher base and didn't lose everything. Ended up at +7 kg from pre-kids. With Yu, well, I'm now +3 kg from pre-kids!

Gym ball is a great exercise! All that bouncing. But it wasn't enough. I was doing a back massage downstairs one day when a lady in the shop told me about her slimming treatment and showed me photos. I had wanted to do that at another place recommended by SSY but I could only do that after I stop breastfeeding - and I intend to carry on as long as I can - and it's eight sessions in a month at AMK. Very difficult. In the end, I went downstairs.

My first session was on 23 March. She massaged me a lot and used yi yang guang heat treatment on me. The heat and pain didn't go away after that. At first, I thought the remnant pain was from the heat treatment. But on 25 March, I did not have the heat treatment but it was still painful. Must be the massage...

10 bottles of ba guan instead of heat treatment!

That was my first ever cupping session! She gave me a light suction. I had almost no marks after that. Only a slight redness on the sides. She said my blood circulation was good. Did it in the third and fourth sessions too. For the fourth and last session, I also did cupping on my back, which developed a few red round marks but not too dark.

Sito thought my belly had gone down :) I was so happy! Now I bind my belly at home to complement the treatments. While my torso visibly slimmed down, my weight didn't move much at first. I don't care. Look good = great! :p

I wanted to do the limbs too. At the first session, she said no need. But at the second session, when I had to remove my skirt, she saw my no-thigh-gap thighs and thought I could do it if I wanted to *.* But I tried rubbing my arms and thighs her way and found it so painful!! I think I won't pay for pain *.* So I bought gua sha plates online! Shall do it myself!

The difficult thing is this is the diet - no carbs for dinner. Sito and I haven't had rice for dinner at home for a very long time, since before I was pregnant with Yu, I think. But on days when dinner is a one-dish meal, e.g. fried rice/noodles or Japanese curry rice, it means I have nothing to eat. So I've taken to eating hardboiled eggs - usually one is enough. But compared to other places I've heard, this diet is already very kind coz I am free to eat anything in the day. In moderation of course!

Fast forward to this week. With only gua sha at least three or four times a week and on-off belly binding coz it's hot, I dropped to 61 kg! More importantly, my pants started feeling loose since last week.  可以又瘦又舒服,真好!

Just as I was feeling happy about it, I ran after the kids today - and various bits of me started running independently too *.* Ok, still some way to go but knowing that I'm losing weight and inches is very motivating!

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