Monday, 1 May 2017

May Day! May Day! May Day!

May Day! May Day! May Day! One for the public holiday, one for the Taiwanese band (:p) and one for "wa liao, long weekend"!

Packed Kai and Yu to school early on Saturday morning. Took Yang to NTUC to get his milk formula - probably his last can since Kai had formula until he was three - and went to the hawker centre to grab a drink before his paediatric tuina.

So cold!

So cute!

Got him to say "windmill"!

And then he wanted to take a photo of me too

He said he didn't want baby massage but when the doctor came out to call him, he happily trotted into her room and went straight for her chair! He was also quite happy during the tuina though this time, he was fussier, playing less with the powder and wanting me to carry instead.

He's sleeping better these days, waking up max one or two times. I don't know whether the tuina is helping or sleeping in our bed helps. Or maybe it's a combination of both; I try to massage three little foreheads every evening too. I made appointments for Yu starting from next Saturday. Think I'll also have Yu go for four consecutive weeks before switching to fortnightly for a total of 10 sessions.

Bought two little buns from Provence for him and Kai before sending Yang to school. Kai wondered whether it would be Teacher Jenny but it was Teacher H whom he doesn't quite like because "she's always angry" because "she's an angry girl"! Hoho! We all like Teacher Jenny but her last day was Friday, sighs.. The boys contributed to a card which we gave her last week. She got markers for all the kids in school, I think. And Yang who was in her class got a wrapped gift.

Card for Teacher Jenny

Happy with his new toy from Teacher Jenny

We decided to head out for dinner on Saturday. Left the house pretty early coz all the boys needed a haircut! We planned for a stop at the playground downstairs but it was cut short as it was starting to rain. In the end, only Kai and Sito had a haircut. Yang refused while Yu fell asleep. So dinner was very early - might as well coz it looked like there was some K-Pop thing that day and we were afraid it might get too crowded.

Then we let Kai and Yang played around the kiddy rides. Yang wanted to play on the bouncy castle but (a) we didn't spend enough money to get a ticket, and (b) he wasn't at the minimum age. Of course I only told him (b). We managed to leave without a meltdown. Actually, Yang seldom gives us meltdowns like the kind Kai used to give - rolling on the floor screaming, which he still does sometimes *.*

Sharing a seat

Kai ran off ahead and N followed him while Yang was slow with us. We even took a trip to the shoe shop to get Yang a pair of slippers - his first! - coz his shoes were starting to get worn out.

Also let him play a little at the exercise area downstairs

Found Kai and N waiting at the lift lobby at our floor. N didn't bring a key. Kai complained about us being slow :p We managed to settle the three boys at weekday timing - woohoo!

Nowadays, Sundays are Chinese school days. So Yang had his first class while Kai had his third. I didn't manage to peek at Kai today coz I was with Yang the whole time but the teacher spoke with Sito and said that Kai was showing interest and asked us to follow up at home. We discussed and decided that we should go through after nap on Sunday and then again the following Saturday. In between, it is difficult but we can put up word cards on the fridge to remind ourselves to use those words.

Mama's homework - prepared cards to reinforce his lessons!

Confession - the revision after nap today didn't happen *.* I was so tired I napped with Yu on the bed. Oh, we didn't go to Mum's place this Sunday. Officially, it's because Mum and Dad were going out to get stuff as they flew to Japan late that night. Unofficially, well, long story... Anyway, by the time we all woke at about 4 pm, it was time to watch 激战奇轮 - Sito managed to project it from his laptop to the TV via the PS3. Well, I guess that's a kind of Chinese learning!

But point is - need to make the Saturday revision happen!!

On the way to Chinese class - check out Kai's new look!

After dinner, we decided to cut Yang's hair. He agreed to let me cut but halfway through, it got so itchy he had to be given YouTube to stay still. It was tough but I managed to trim off quite a bit!

Mama the amateur barber

So I have cut three persons' hair so far - Kai's, mine and Yang's! Kai preferred a professional, bleah. But Yang preferred me! :) My hair didn't look different when I cut it as I just wanted to thin it so I think I'll keep doing that every few months. No time to dry hair!

Yu was cooperative and went down early. I spent some time with Kai and Yang in their room. Yang was watching YouTube so we laughed to a song or two. Kai couldn't have YouTube coz he almost destroyed his library card at the Chinese school - actually should just call it by its name! Chengzhu - that morning. But surprisingly, he decided to work on some activities in the Disney book that we've been reading - there are some activities besides the stories.

Drawing a pirate

I haven't done such exercises with Kai for a while and was pleasantly surprised to find that he now understood about linking things in two columns. He linked animals to their shadows and said it was easy peasy! Show off! Haha! Also did a single-word crossword puzzle. And some tracing of lines and pictures. When he asked about the number 5, he traced it on the bed with his finger first. I said that was the wrong way round and he asked, "Mirror image?" So he's aware of his confusion. Don't worry, my boy, let's learn together :)

Then it was time for our regular bedtime routine. They must draw lots to decide which story to read first. Then it was massage time. This time, Yang gave me a massage on my eyebrows before - I was so cutified by his cute face 10 cm away from mine!!! Then it was singing time - these days, it's always Moana and Go Fire :p But when it was time for me to go after chit chat and cuddles, Yang refused to let me go. He said he didn't want to sleep. And the following conversation ensured.

Kai: I also don't want to sleep.
mf: But children need to sleep.
Kai: How about you?
mf: Adults don't need to sleep as much.
Kai: Why?
mf: Coz we don't grow anymore.

At this point, I could see Kai thinking. This boy always wants to grow and grow! In fact, he was very happy to find himself at 111 cm earlier in the day. Yang was 98 cm.

But then Yang chimed in with a different tune. "I want to be a baby."


I told him sure, he can be a baby and I'll still love him. But isn't it nice to grow more? Hoho!

I've been meaning to do this but I only managed to do it after their nap today - I weighed all the kids and recorded the weights in my app! Kai measured 18.5 kg (how come lower than a few weeks back?!), Yang 14.3 kg and Yu 7.5 kg.

Anyway, we stayed in the whole day today. The early morning passed in a blur - I only remembered Yu enjoying avocado and his brothers doing some colouring and writing. Kai and Yang watched two movies too - Moana and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Mother arrived towards the end of Moana to deliver my png kueh and goodies for the kids.

Each boy doing his own thing!

(Nope, Yu didn't fall off :p)

I was rocking Yu to sleep in the room while the boys were having lunch outside. At one point, I heard Kai say something like 我一面看电视一面吃午餐 in a slightly unsure voice but sounding definitely pleased with himself. I was also very happy!!!!

Narnia ended at 1 pm, just nice for their nap time. I packed them in along with a cane coz they were unruly but I dozed off just as Kai was asking me something!! So terrible right?! I regained consciousness at 2.30 pm or so when I heard Yu crying. Turned out that he woke an hour ago and was hungry after playing for an hour.

Yu was super fussy all the way and spit up a lot of milk along the way. For some reason, it was so difficult to settle him to sleep these two days!

Yu spent a bit of time with his brothers before bedtime

See Yang's hair? It's actually noticeably shorter now. Gave him another trim this evening as it was still long. This time, I took the cutting scissors instead of the trimming scissors. And I did not make the same mistake as with Kai - I pulled up his hair to cut so that the hair looked natural when I let it fall back. But really, please go to a professional next time. It was so hot cutting his hair, due to the weather and the stress!

They are all down now. A couple of hours of me time/couple time before we call it a wrap and go to bed - it's a work day tomorrow!

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