Sunday, 28 May 2017

Meeting the teachers

Today - actually yesterday now - was Parents Teachers Conference. I sent the kids in, went home for a short while before walking over with Sito.

We went to K1 first. And what a wonderful boy he is in class! Both teachers said he could go about the day's schedule very well, knowing when to shower, when to clean up etc. He's very motivated by competition - he wants to be the first to finish up so that he can have his choice of activity before nap time!

Academically wise, he knows all his letters and letter sounds. He can draw and write a short descriptive sentence. He's learning some maths. Chinese, um, can be better but he has shown improvement. In fact, he typically scored the most points in Chinese class. Ok, not quite fair comparing to ang moh kids! :p In terms of self care, he can also shower on his own, with supervision. But he can't wipe his poop yet - our next training target!

AFI? Need to listen more *.* But he's not particularly more emo compared to his peers.

Here's Sito in Kai's class - the upper floor of the other house

Lots of drawings have become rockets or aeroplanes or boats

I like this one coz I found passengers!

His yellow schoolbus

Ah, respect - do not push at the playground :p

Learning "this is a ..."

This is a great term for him coz he loves transportation! So he can say the names of various vehicles in Chinese too, which is amazing! But even more amazing - he can write!

I need to tell him that this 轮 is the same 轮 in 激战奇轮!

His teacher is also teaching him to write smaller characters :p His Chinese name has many strokes so he tends to write it quite big. He's also started writing the day's date in Chinese instead of using just roman numerals.

We spent a long time with Kai's teachers coz he's going into more academic stuff. Even his work has more worksheets than crafts now. But for Yang, we just chatted about his development. So we learnt today that his elder brother has spoilt the market for him - Kai could hold a pen very well very early while Yang is mostly still holding it with his fist but that is normal. It's also ok that he's not standing to pee yet! :p

Yang can also feed himself. I know but at home, he needs to be fed. I think I'd better start getting him to feed himself from next week. The sooner he can feed himself while with us, the easier it will be when we all head out.

Love his rainbow!

Funny face under a quilt

No wonder he was talking about zebra crossings this week!

He's been talking about traffic lights for some time now - red means stop!

Oh I also did some craft - making socks non-slip using Tulip fluffy paint!

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