Monday, 8 May 2017

May is full of activities!

I was a little stunned on 4 May, when Facebook suddenly had a lot of Star Wars references. Yup, it took me a while.. Like I told Sito, I think my brains died a little with each pregnancy... Or perhaps cells fall out with my hair...

Anyways... The past week...

And on the morning of 4 May, Kai checked the date with me before we left for school. Since about January, they have been writing the date on their worksheets so he's quite conscious of dates. Plus, he was waiting and waiting for 5 May coz there was supposed to be an excursion but that was postponed to later this month.

So that morning, I remembered the koinoboris! Took them out just in time for 5 May :) Bought the third one for Yu a while ago when I remembered so I wouldn't need to rush to get it.

Yu's very first 5 May - but what's with the face?!

Didn't manage to take all the boys in the photo on 5 May. On Saturday, the two older boys had a fight when Sito and I brought them back from school, and we did not go out in the evening. So it was only on Sunday that we managed to take a photo with the koinoboris.

May our boys grow up healthy and strong!

I don't know why but Kai doesn't like to have his photo taken at home; he's smiling at every check-in/out photo in school! Sometimes it feels like he's a moody 15, instead of an exuberant five...

I've always wanted a shot of the boys' shadows - Yu's small head is super cute!

It isn't too clear but both boys are wearing their new minion slippers; bought a new pair for Kai too coz he complained about his worn Transformers slippers when he saw Yang's new slippers. Yang had difficulty walking and kept wanting to remove them, saying it was "itchy". It probably pinches a bit. I put some lotion on him and he said "it's better" :) Today, he can run in slippers already!

Set Yu up on the bassinet to play but he was distracted by the TV...

... which his brothers were sucked into as well

That was like 4.30 pm but Yang was still holding on to his bun which I gave when he woke at 4 pm-ish. In the end, he didn't have much at dinner. They seem to like the mini buns with red bean or kaya filling but this Kai refused to have it again on Sunday coz he wanted something different! Reminded me again that he picked a drumstick at his first birthday...

Yesterday was Yang's second time at Chengzhu. This time, I could not longer stay with him beyond the initial play time. He was quite alright during the play time with blocks. But when I excused myself coz, using his words, my shhh shhh is coming out, he wailed. The teachers took over. And Sito and I had a drink downstairs :p

We came back at break time. Kai looked totally integrated already. Yang looked so poor thing, deciding to stay in the room instead of going to the toilet. But he was not crying. Then he saw me and came out to stick to me. Then he went back to get his shoes coz he "wanted to go home". Awww... When his classmates came back, I sent him back in and he cried again :( I checked in on him a few minutes later, careful not to let him see me. A teacher had her arm around him when he sat at the desk. A few more minutes later, he was sitting independently and holding a colour pencil in his hand.

We decided that next week, we'll not come back at break time!!

Actually, I'm pretty hopeful for their Chinese. Kai has been using the 一面...一面... phrase that he learnt here and there. They really learn by listening - see how they sing in Samoan below - so Sito and I must be more hardworking to speak Mandarin more!

Check out the end of the video

I was going through the kids' name in infant care the other day and saw a familiar name - Yu also has a classmate called Hannah!! Kai's Hannah is now in a different school; Yang's Hannah is still in his class and wrote a little note to him recently; I haven't met Yu's Hannah.

Yang's first love letter? Hoho!

Next up in May - Vesak Day, Mothers' Day celebration in school, excursion, PTC! Very busy but very happy too! :)

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