Sunday, 8 January 2017

37 :)

I turned 37 today :)

... It's a prime number! Oops...

Sito was on leave on 14 Dec and went out on his own as I had a prior appointment. That evening, he asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said, no need to get me anything. Then he told me he got me something already! As he was rocking Yu, he told me to look behind his pants. But I couldn't find anything behind his pyjamas pants. Then he sent me out of the room and dug around himself, baby in arms. When he was ready, I stepped in and saw...

A new diaper bag!

(Yes, I kind of knew when I saw the package!)

I should have looked behind his work pants *.* He said I couldn't exchange it even if I didn't like it coz it was at 50% discount. But I like! This husband of mine, very good at getting - and hiding - presents. I had been using my four-year-old Samantha as a diaper bag for about a week prior to this new bag so I don't have to keep repacking stuff for weekdays for Yu and weekends for three kids. But the faux leather was fraying badly. I didn't mind - I just wrapped the handles with two of those silk ties and decided to keep using it until it 寿终正寝!

My poor Samantha

But my husband decided otherwise so....

Kate with a charm from Samantha

Actually, this is our first diaper bag. The brown Fion bag we've been using is just a normal bag with a huge cavity that I used to bring to work. Think I bought it in 2007/8 - it's leather canvas a la LV and super durable. I was googling for a diaper bag four years ago but I refused to buy one when I saw most priced over $100! So I bought two $3 diaper bag inserts from Qoo10 :p I've only recently dumped the green one coz it broke and started using the pink one.

I think I'll retire the brown bag upon the end of my maternity leave and use only Kate since I'll only need one bag for all three and the brown bag is starting to fray at the edges. Hopefully by then, Yang is also fully potty trained so the bag is really just full of Yu's baby stuff.

So this morning, I told the verbal boys that it's my birthday. I asked Kai to wish me happy birthday - demanding mama! He said NO! Grrrr... But he said I should have a present and he would make me a present. Soon he sang me happy birthday in both English and Mandarin :) As for Yang, he shyly said happy birthday to me :) A short while later, Kai gave me the presents - a jail (?!?!?) and another structure both built from his Lego blocks. He clarified that we were both policemen who guarded the jail - phew!

I didn't ask Yu for anything - perhaps that he would sleep through the night soon?? - but he gave me something yellow..... Yup, he pooped two big ones! Nothing unusual but the first time, I might or might not have got some poop liquid on my brand new Mi Band 2; the second time, I definitely got some poop on it *.*

Our latest gadgets which arrived on Saturday

The bands have got nothing to do with my birthday btw haha!

Today, we implemented the regular Sunday routine, i.e. spending the afternoon at Mum's place. We had cake for tea, courtesy of Ah Yee, and went out for dinner, thanks to Mum. I'm so full now!!

Happy birthday to me? :)

*gasp* I have scary arms which are bigger than Sito's!!!! But my dear husband said I had it pressed against my torso hence... Sobs anyway...

Kai enjoying sweet and sour pork

Yu having his fill while I had mine

And Yang liked almond pudding!

It has been a pretty uneventful birthday. But uneventful is good. There is beauty in the simplicity of life :) Let's see what my 38th year has in store for me!

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