Thursday, 5 January 2017

Clearing leave

Sito was on leave the last two weeks of December. We cleared the house - threw, sold on Carousell, gave away on Facebook. We also went out a lot - mainly to eat :p

It has been therapeutic clearing house. Sito couldn't take the mess at the desk and took it upon himself to clean it up. I didn't like the mess too but we just have a lot of things!! So he got a box for temporary stuff, we sold the monitor since no one was using it, and we got N to clean up the various equipment and wires. Now it looks a lot better...

But we didn't stop there. He pulled out the desk and wardrobe drawers too. We sold a pair of sunglasses and old phones. Actually, we have sold only his iPhone 5 which didn't work too well. His Blackberry and my iPhone 3GS are pending collection. It was amazing that people are buying these old phones - I had a huge influx of messages after posting them on Carousell.

Made Sito wear his beng beng chain from his 20s for a pic before it's taken out

We went out for lunch almost every day. We had yummy Korean fried chicken in a butter sauce at Chir Chir in Bugis, Korean BBQ and hotpot at NEX, dim sum, udon, ramen... Didn't manage to do foot reflexology though - no slots for both of us on our two attempts...

Frying udon on the BBQ! And notice the onions? We used them to line the plate so meat didn't burn - trick from fellow diners :p

To remember the time when Yakun did not have eggs!!!

My husband's funny expression posing with Japanese condiments *heart*

With our udon set meals!

Sito also had time to goof around, disturbing Kai by wearing his shirt

Now one half of us is back to reality... But these few days, he was able to come back early enough to play with Kai. He'll be busier next week...

I'll be back to reality only in April. I'm taking all of my 16 weeks of maternity leave and clearing my 2015 and 2016 leave. So happy to have 28 days of leave every year!

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