Friday, 27 January 2017

Bye bye monkey year!

We seem to take a lot more photos recently - good! Perhaps I should try to blog (at least) every Sunday night to capture their moments :) For now, let's do this at the close of the lunar year...

Let's start from where we left off - last Sunday at Mum's place...

Dr Kai Kai looks all grown up!

Couldn't help taking a picture while changing my baby!

Wearing a bib for the first time - drooling too much!

Kai concentrating on colouring a dinosaur

So well done!

He kept saying he was tired and couldn't finish it, coz he used very strong strokes; the lighter strokes were Mum's as she responded to his call for help.

Yang also scribbled while Kai was colouring

In LS's words, their souls being sucked up by TV!

Unfortunately, Yu's soul, too, was being sucked up by TV *.*

The kids fighting for 杨枝甘露

We made Kai learn to say 甜品 and 杨枝甘露 so that he could have it :p

Pulling on one and looking at another

"I can turn!"

See the birthmark below his left elbow? It's shaped like a heart. Yang also has birthmarks but they are near his bum so I didn't notice until lately, oops!

My big baby having some fun before school

Brought Yu out for breakfast with Mum yesterday after she helped to send the kids to school

At my third and last baby, I finally learnt the proper way to sling him upright! It's very snug compared to previous attempts. But this sling has small rings so it's harder to adjust. Will try it with my other sling with bigger rings soon...

Love this pic - Mum looks so blissful carrying Yu!

I want such a photo too but unfortunately, I'm usually the one welding the camera. Ahem, Sito, time to make even better use of your iPhone 7+ with 128GB! :p

Random shot of my dear Sito having chocolate cookie with milk for supper :)

Got Sito to show the boys how to wash themselves last weekend. Took a photo of the two boys looking at their papa, with Kai's head strategically blocking Sito... Yang is still too young but Kai is able to wash himself, just not too clean at the moment. Will also need the shower to be lowered for him. When we move house...

Yang started pulling at his clothes

Tummy time on Mama - so cute!!!!

Old teething toy is new to him!

Yang was all ready for the LNY celebrations in school!

Kai was wearing the same top but refused to take a photo. While N took Yang to school, I took a video of Kai singing 财神到 - he's been singing that lately. Later in the afternoon, the principal sent me a video of his class singing and dancing to the song! But actually, this isn't the best song for kids right, what with 买马票 in the lyrics *.*

Papa trying to put Yu down - he failed, then I failed, but we tried!

It was difficult trying to let Yu sleep while his brothers were tearing the house down. But somehow, I managed to carry Yu to sleep while Sito took a nap and the boys were playing with N - the last bit wasn't ideal but oh well... We were supposed to get to Mum's place at 6 pm so we set off at 5 + for the playground.

Happy Yang going down this slide for the nth time

Pretending to sleep!

Sito watching Kai play with his classmates

Kai spotted three kids - twin girls and a boy - when we got to the playground. The girls are his classmates while the boy seems to be their neighbour but the four of them got along so well! They were playing at the pull-up bars before playing some running game. This Kai was like the ringleader, changing games to his whim! And at one point, one of the twins was rooting for him to win against her sister!

The boys in matching tops! 

Silly Yang decided to give his nua pose... There's a huge rooster on the top but I'm not about to let them make a one-in-twelve-years appearance so the rooster will rear its head every year for some time!!

Reunion dinner was very filling! And it was very fast haha! What to do, three kids under five *.* Everyone ate together except Yu whom N was taking care of. Next year, Yu will be able to sit at the table :)

Saturday-out protocol applied when we got home - N showered while Sito showered the two bigger boys. But this time, Sito showered the two together - it was messy and he decided he wouldn't shower them together anymore! Then it was my turn to shower.

As I wetted my hair, my tummy started to rumble... By the time I was done, it was taking all I could to keep it in!!! Managed to run to the toilet in time, phew! I had this nagging tummy ache since last Wednesday - it's finally gone, just in time to be out with the old and smelly hoho!!

So here we are, at the close of the lunar year of the monkey. It was a good year with Kai and Yang growing so much and we being blessed with a bouncy Yu. Looking forward to more from the kiddos in the coming year!

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