Friday, 13 January 2017

Health, weight and festive goodies

Today is vaccination day!

Kai now weighs a hefty 18 kg!! No wonder I can hardly carry him these days... Think he was about 16 kg a year ago when I wasn't pregnant with Yu yet, i.e. about 2 kg a year. At this rate, Mama wins - I remember I weighed 25 kg in K2 and (more than?) doubled that by the end of primary school. I was also very tall at 125 cm in K2. Kai measured 108 cm last month. But I realised his stats are very kungfu - think Shaolin 18 Bronzemen and tai chi 108 movements! :p

Yu weighs 6.2 kg and measures 63 cm. We always thought Yu grew faster than the other two but no - Kai weight 6.35 kg at three months! Dr Yip said he is growing well :)

And he's strong!

Also asked the doc about his oral thrush. He examined him for a while and said it was ok; I could leave it alone. Yeah! Baby, no more forcing medicine or probiotics on you!

Kai asked me what the doc was doing when he was preparing the jabs - two! - for Yu. I told him, and the doc asked whether he would take one for his brother - he said yes! The doc said he was very brave, and, "Would you like a lollipop?" We all know the answer! And he even got one for Yang! Lucky boys with candy despite having no injection!

Kai was supposed to get his meningitis shot today but at registration, the nurse said that he had it done in mid 2015. Super blur mama!!!! I even called to ask the clinic about the vaccination details and discussed with Sito about whether we should do this when we didn't even do that when it happened *.* Suffered a busy day coz I was blur as I kept Kai with me the whole day.

Let me digress to the kids for a while...

Focused on making a small helicopter

"It's very difficult!"

Morning was quite ok with him playing with this Lego by himself. Lunch was ok as he was very happy with pizza AND spaghetti. So I told him I would bring him to the "I" place if he continued to be a good boy.

Kai: Is it ice cream??
mf: I'm not saying *sly mama*
Kai: Or eye.... *points to his eye*
mf: .... The letter "I"

"I want both pizza and spaghetti! With red sauce!"

But he whined badly after his shower and when Kakak couldn't find a Lego block that he should be able to find himself. So I sent him off to his nap with his whines and cries and ended all hopes for the "I" place. After I settled Yu down for a nap, I went in to dab away Kai's tears and sooth a cut on his foot when he landed on a Lego block - these things are evil! So we only went to the playground.

On the swing with a K2 friend

"Is this a rock?" Coz he watched a show on rock climbing last Sunday

Trying to copy his K2 friend who climbed all the way up!

When Yang came home, we asked him whether he missed us coz we missed him - really, Kai asked for him more than once. But Yang said no *.* Heartless baby! Sobs!

So yes, back to the title...

I'm the kiasi type. Kai had all the optional vaccinations on top of the mandatory one. Yang and Yu will follow suit, though we'll hold Yang's meningitis shot until he's super clear of any febrile fits! I even went for the HPV vaccine myself lately, after a detailed PAP smear cleared me of HPV. The second jab was very sore. Dreading the third and final jab in May...

Today, I also found that I'm about 1 kg lighter than two weeks ago, and my belly is smaller after a few nights of wearing the belly binder for a few hours per night. I'm super happy! But much as I would like to lose my baby weight and be healthy, I like to have my festive goodies too! And buying festive goodies is also a very happy thing :)

I was already hyping up to go goodie shopping next week but this week, both mothers told me not to get them festive goodies. And just now, when I told Sito, he said he didn't want too! Ok, his new "loseweight" password is showing its effect on his behaviour... This year, Yan won't be back for LNY too. So I'll have very little festive goodies to buy, sighs...

Well, I'll have to look to the little ones then, right? :p Mum gave us a little box with partitions for the kids' snacks. I have bought some small snacks and will let them fill the box this weekend. We'll have a mix of stuff over the next three weekends of so. Hope they learn to proportion their snacks and also learn to appreciate LNY (goodies)!

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