Monday, 16 January 2017

Things the kids say

Kids' talk can be equally interesting and frustrating... Some recent ones:

1) When I was using the hairdryer...

Yang: Stop, Mama! I cannot hear my video!
mf: Sorry! Give me two minutes ok?
Yang: *nods*
Yang: The same! *something about the video and my hairdryer*
mf: *how can they be a hairdryer in playdough videos?* Oh is it?
Yang: Yes...

The next day, I watched his video with him and there was a scene where a kiddy hairdryer was used to dry a toy doll!

2) Yes and no

mf: Are you sure you don't want this?
Yang: Yes.
mf: *testing* You don't want this?
Yang: Yes...
mf: You want this?
Yang: No!

He's better than many adults in this!

3) Blowing nose

This is more like what he did.. Yang's mucous was at his nostrils so I brought him a piece of tissue.

mf: Come, blow your nose...
Yang: Hnh!
mf: Um, no... Do this *blows nose loudly*
Yang: *smile* Hnh!
 mf: Um, close your mouth and breathe out through your nose - hard!
Yang: sssss!

Ok for one second but nothing came out!

4) I was reiterating two learning points of the day to Kai at bedtime.

mf: You gotta know two things today.. xxxxx - that's one. Second, yyyyyy

A few minutes later...

Kai: I have two things to tell you. I was playing with A and S, and S poked his eyes!
mf: Huh?! Did he cry?
Kai: Yes... That's one thing. Second...
mf: *wants to laugh already but steady*
Kai: We learnt a lot in school. *gives me full-day routine* I like going to school.

5) But they also say nasty things. 

Kai called out to a little girl at the playground - "You freaky!" I told him not to say that but he said that again immediately though he clearly heard me. I cut short his play time immediately. When I asked him back home if he knew what that meant, he said he didn't know. He also didn't know where he learnt that from. So scary to have bad language creep into his vocab!

Kai also likes to call people pee pee or poo poo or wee wee or bum bum style (what?!) - all toilet stuff. And so Yang also has a lot of toilet vocab. Sighs - wonder if it's a boy thing *.*

6) Scary revelations

Kai's feet were very near Yang's sleeping body just now.

mf: Legs on your bed. Don't kick Yang accidentally.
Kai: I kicked him before...
mf: !!!

And before I could say anything...

Kai: I also kicked Yu before...
mf: What?!
Kai: ... sometimes, only sometimes...
mf: My poor baby!!

7) Play talk

I was very happy to see Kai and Yang playing together on yesterday - they didn't even bother me!

Kai: You do this... *close door of police station and fix a connector to the door frame*
Yang: No, open the door *remove connector, open door, fix connector*
Kai: *watching*
Yang: Uh-oh *cannot close door*

A minute later, when they dismantled and moved the police station from Kai's bed to the floor...

Yang: You gotta close the door first...

To his credit or blur-ness, Kai remained quiet. Now that I think about it, he could have given a "I told you so" in his "I told you so" way!

Big to small: "I show you..." Small to big: "No, I show you!"

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