Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The post of randoms

It has been a while since I posted random stuff. Sharing some photos and thoughts since Yu arrived:

A beautiful blue outside

Was on the floor of our room with Yu the other day and looked up. Ok, our window is kind of tinted but it was still pretty.

The view from the same window, standing up, on another sunny day

I always like our views. Will miss this when we are gone... But I can't wait to go!! Perhaps more on that later...

Did some spring cleaning lately. It's not really due to LNY but I've been dying to clean out the house...

One night, I was trying on my old shorts while Kai was playing with his robots on my bed.

mf: I can't wear these anymore. I'm fat :(
Kai: Let me help you...

So my helpful boy first attempted to pull the button to the button hole, failing which, he tried to push in my belly!!! And then...

Kai: Can't... Can I zip it?
mf: Nope, you don't zip it before you button it..
Kai: Ok *bored, back to robots*

Another night, I passed a stack of clothing to Sito.

mf: Put them into three piles: will wear, dump, memorabilia. PS: I'll clear all our memorabilia at some point too.
Sito: Ok... This, can wear...
mf: Nononono.. Not can you wear but will you wear?
Sito: :(
mf: *laogong so cute!!*
Sito: Ok, dump!

For some memorable stuff that we're not keeping, we took pictures and dumped, e.g.:

Sito's tee for his pro bono do in Nicaragua

His class tee, which he wore as a pyjamas top in Evanston!

I also threw out my OBS tee - looks big but I'm bigger *.*

A well-worn tee from Jo; also, I'm too big for it

Besides dumping clothes, I also rearranged our clothes. Now, Sito has one full row and the boys have another full row in the same two doors. I have another two doors to myself that includes space for extra hangers, a safe and our new Mi Smart Scale. The last two doors are for folded clothes - using, to be used (after breastfeeding, after moving house etc). My wardrobe looks so much neater now!

Also tried to clear the toys. Bought a box to store Lego blocks and realised we need two more - for more Lego blocks and also the Duplo - and n more of varied sizes to contain the six parts of Sito's Devastator.

The Devastator box is falling apart

Last night and today, I cleared the fridge and pantry cabinets. Some food ended up in the bin, some in my belly :p Finished up a pack of gyozas in the freezer; hope to clean up the freezer a bit more to store my milk!

We cleared our desk a few weeks ago, including a huge stack of namecards, stationery and computer installation discs etc. Many things were thrown but The namecard holder has been saved - I'll bring to my office in April.

Found the namecard of my orthodontist in Oxford!

After some serious consideration, I decided to keep my old compass!

Now, heading outside...

Bought TOTO on my own for the first time in my life! 

I was wondering if anyone would stop me for carrying a minor (Yu) into the outlet... (No, I didn't win a cent!)

CW's Christmas gift exchange treasure! 

Used to eat loads of these from the NJ staff lounge when I was doing relief teaching there - I have no doubt they contributed to my stellar 6kg gain in 1999. I can no longer go back to JC weight but I can certainly aim for 1999 weight!

A vending machine with dragonfruit juice and the fruit - won't the dropping bruise the fruit?!

Hope to gather more random pictures soon!

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