Thursday, 5 January 2017

School work, strange names and a strange activity

Some of Kai's latest works:

Kai's meatball spaghetti - "fake one", he said, coz they also made a real one on a cookery day

Kai's colouring is so good now!

"These are dry now", Kai referring to the wool threads in his Baa Baa Black Sheep book which he glued on the page himself

Who is Zhneoki?!

And Zhoneaki?! This is a fish, btw...

And a jelly fish

And today, Kai brought this back

Kai and I had a good laugh over his new names but yes, baby, please learn how to spell your name!

Ok, not school work but make a guess what this is?


I smeared peanut butter on a plate and asked him to tear and fold toilet paper to wipe the peanut butter off, taking care not to get peanut butter on his hand!! Yup, it's to prepare him to wipe his own bum after a poop! Learnt this online.. Killed plenty of trees already...

I think he's wiping himself in school already but we do find poop stains on his underwear sometimes. At home, we use the bidet on him - very clean but we don't let him do that himself as he would spray water all over the place and outside coz the door is left open. Sometimes, he will close it when he pees coz "you must not let others see your private parts"! Not sure why poop is different, haha!

Anyway, hope he gets it soon. Wiping your own arse is undoubtedly a very important skill!

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