Tuesday, 10 January 2017

"They grow up so fast"

When I was patting Kai in bed last night...

Kai: Why are you patting me? I'm not a small boy.
mf: *ouch*

And today, he was playing with a new toy car from a very big goodie bag from a classmate's birthday, using my legs as a hill or "fake real mountain" for the car to cruise. It's the lazy mama way of playing with him :p

I looked at him play and suddenly realised that he is so tall now - 108 cm last month. I asked him to snuggle with me under the blanket. Of course he was squirming about. While I was, on one hand, thinking that a girl would probably let me snuggle properly, I was, on the other hand, sighing to myself that very soon, he would be too big to snuggle with me, or unwilling!

Sito joined us for a bit. I was telling Kai about him growing up so fast and that I was going to cry just thinking about it. He looked at the tears in my eyes and told me not to cry - and carried on playing.

I always marvel at how much they've grown, how quickly they grow, but today marks the first time that I'm really feeling my babies growing up a tad too quickly. In the blink of an eye, they will grow up to be their own person who will, one day, likely be very different from Sito and me. Much as I wish to see them grow up and for the days to be shorter, I also wish for the years to be longer so they would be my babies for just that little bit longer...

Happy Kai so pleased with his work

Source: His Chinese teacher X

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  1. I totally feel for this post! Have recently been feeling terrified of the gals growing up too fast! I won't be able to carry Peanut for much longer! :( At least you still have Yu to lengthen the baby time heh.


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