Monday, 2 January 2017

Long festive weekends

Well, to be honest, long weekends (and even normal short ones) have long ceased to be a relaxing time. I mean, it's full-time child care!!! But they aren't without joy and cuteness...

Christmas weekend

All dressed up for party in school on Friday!

Kai didn't want to take this photo but his mama is very trigger happy so JUST DO IT! :p I didn't realise it but Na observed that Kai and Yang had expressions just like Sito and me respectively!

There was no school on Saturday as it was a scheduled closure. I don't know how but we managed to survive the morning! It was probably a very heavy dose of TV.... After nap time, we headed out to an indoor playground in Centrepoint. It cost $20 each after festive discounts - quite ex considering that it was such a small playground but the two big boys enjoyed it! Or rather, they enjoyed one small section of it - the fake sandpit. They were there for more than an hour!

"I'm like an excavator!"

Kai poured sand all over himself!

He also poured sand out of the pit. I made him scoop most of it back. And on this, the one staff in the playground was a really black-faced girl. I completely understand it must be a pain to have these kids scattering sand out of the sandpit as she had to scoop or sweep them back in. But hello, you're working in a playground... Missed the Happy Willow near us where the staff were always cheerful but they have ceased operations.

Dinner was at Aston. We ordered three mains for the adults as we thought the kids were unlikely to make the kid's meal worth it. In any case, there was a salad buffet bar, oops... I gave Kai and Yang part of my fried fish and french fries. They were very happily dipping stuff into ketchup...

That was either a french fry or an onion ring...

Yang's big bowl of ice cream! But he had only a few bites.

Kai wanted to me to take a pic of him saying so cold so cold so COLD!

This Yang was running all over the place! Had a hard time grabbing on to him when N had to go to the toilet. Once, I even grabbed a ear to stop him from dashing off into nowhere! As it was raining and we had no umbrella, we took the train back instead. Thankfully, the boys were sitting quite still in the train - no monkey bar, no running the length of the train, phew! But we still had to brave a little bit of rain downstairs...

And finally, Christmas Day! Kai and Yang had been eyeing their presents for two weeks! But Kai had earlier said they would open their presents at 10 am, so they had to have just that little bit more patience in the morning...

Three big ones from us and two small ones from school gift exchange

The Sito boys watching cartoons as per normal on a Sunday morning

Kai was so happy with his present!

So was Yang!

Dismantling Tobot D with the school present - sticker and watercolours - opened beside them

Fiddling with Tobot Y with school present - penguin - in front of him

Yu has no present but he gave me one - an ear mark! :p

Sito had a wedding lunch but he helped to pack lunch before leaving. Mum they all were away on holiday so it was me and N against three kids in the afternoon but we survived - N took Yang and I took Yu and Kai who napped in our bed. Time went by in a blur and we called it a day!

Monday was a public holiday - gosh... And it turned out to be a TV fest for the older kids. In between, they played with their new toys and baby brother.

The bolster is longer than baby didi!

"Tobot D is a baby..."

Yang ignored his Tobot Y and played with available toys and even cabinet trays

As mentioned in an earlier post, Kai napped in our bed again, but with Papa. I propped Yu up against the sofa, placed my arm across and chatted with him randomly. But I was so tired and dozed off at some point only to wake up suddenly - glad to find my baby still safely on the sofa!!

Sito and N took the bigger boys to the playground at 4 pm. They were supposed to be gone for about 30 minutes but they came back nearer to 5 pm. The moment the boys saw me, they shouted that they had 马蹄水!

Sweaty and enjoying their shared cup of goodness

At the end of the day and weekend, Sito and I rewarded ourselves with a Magnum - we've survived!!

New Year weekend

Ok, the second consecutive long weekend... Breathe...

With the older boys safely in school on Saturday, I went out to catch up with CY and buy stuff for their tea time. They were having lunch when I came back. And after their nap, we had cake before heading to CW's place.

Yu fell asleep in the car

Kai claimed he forgot about V whom he last met in May but he was excited about the trip coz he wanted to know who was taller. Eventually we didn't make them stand side by side. I told him to eat and sleep well consistently if he wanted to grow tall.

Happy dinner time with his found-again friend

It was a good dinner - we were impressed with their helper who can cook! I didn't mention earlier but ours cannot cook well unless I give specific instructions. Anyway... Yu cried a lot on the way back; probably tired but couldn't doze off. Yang fell asleep. Even Kai was sleepy. We put Yang straight to bed but he woke as N started to change his diaper so we showered him. Luckily, he went down quite quickly despite the wash. On the other hand, Kai wanted to play after showering! But it was way past his bedtime so there was a lot of crying as we sent him to bed..

Sunday morning was fun. I even managed to join them in a sword fight using toy golf clubs! Of course I always lost *.* Then there were the usual cartoons. Lunch was a simple porridge and then Sito was off to another wedding...

mf: Who gets married on such days??
Na: Apparently you know them all!
mf: Not me. Sito!

Kai teaching Yang how to build the big robot

Mum came back so we headed out for dinner together at the usual Chinese restaurant at J Cube. On the way back, I suddenly felt claustrophobic between Jurong and Clementi - I had never felt that before! It was worse than being on a full flight. I could hardly move. One leg was super numb. I felt like, if there were an accident, I wouldn't fly but it also would not be easy to pull me out! Fear gripped me and I had to use my hands to push against the sides of the car to lift my butt up so that I could shift my weight to the other leg to relieve the numb one. Yu's crying distracted me a little, thankfully...

Looking up from the car seat - my baby! :)

It's "Sunday protocol" today. It felt like Sunday minus the regular cartoons on Sunday! The kids were not too impressed... And unlike the previous Monday, there was no Thomas on TV. So they played toys. We had wanted to get them to open the last wrapped present - a Tritan! - today but since they would be getting holiday toys this afternoon, we decided to hold the present until later... So they were playing the big robot and their swords etc. I also bought The Cat in the Hat for them to read on the iPad - it was US$2.99 well spent!

The boys were fighting over the toy polar bear on Sunday. It was supposed to be Yang's but he was too young so Kai took it :p Since it's been imprinted, I diverted Yang's attention to another white toy of similar size - the little sheep. Then today, he brought out the big sheep and the little sheep and started playing mummy and baby with them - it was so cute!!! I had wanted to throw the mummy away coz it was getting not so white but now I couldn't bear to..

"Who is bigger/taller? Baby meh meh! No, Mummy meh meh!"

We spent the afternoon at Mum's place. I spent some time chatting with Kai and Yang while watching TV with them. Yu was somewhere :p It was a manageable long weekend. I didn't feel the need to eat ice cream tonight haha!

Well, another long festive weekend over Lunar New Year - good luck!

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