Thursday, 5 January 2017

Yang's school work and potty training progress

Yang brought back a jotter book one day. A jotter book leh!! Gosh, I haven't seen one in years and would have forgotten such an existence if not for this! It was a plain one with lots of his colourful scratches. When I next went to Popular, I happened to chance upon a whole tower of them jotter books - there were plain ones and lined ones with various widths. I lugged back a pack of 10 - from Bedok :p

Yang's jotter book

"It's skeleton!"

X for xylophone - he once took two chopsticks to form an X at dinner time

We practised saying the various colours in Mandarin and English


I like how he names insects in Mandarin. "It's 蜜蜂 - not beeeee!" Um, ok... He had a very good Chinese teacher last year who also doted on him lots. But it's getting more apparent that his language skills are veering towards English, sighs...

On the first day of school this year, we sent him to school wearing underwear instead of diapers. His current Chinese teacher told us to do so as he was not wetting his diapers already. And this morning, he woke with a dry diaper. So happy! That's earlier than Kai. To think that last weekend at home, he was still peeing through his underwear in the day and filling his diaper at night, which sometimes overflows or leaks. We often had to wash his bedsheets and waterproof mattress protector. But potty training can regress so I'm keeping a close watch. Jia you, baby!

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