Thursday, 19 January 2017

The cute trio in the week before LNY

We seem to be taking lots of pictures recently! The boys seem to change a little every day. If I don't take enough pictures or record enough notes here, I feel like I'll forget their developments very quickly - yup, bird brain now...

Sito and I used to say that Kai and Yang knew that they were cute, hence the knowing look they gave us when we cooed at them. But yesterday, as I sat there looking at Yu, I thought, perhaps they just knew that their parents would always respond to them; it's got nothing to do with cuteness. Still, they are cute la, very cute!

Three main reasons babies are so cute:

1) Their arms are so short they barely reach the top of their head!

2) Fleshy and succulent little hand! Love 'em fat :p

Two fat faces here - don't love one of them much...

Though I must say that my face is already less round compared to the first few days or weeks... I'm almost back to pre-Yu weight. Still a long way to go...

3) They are my babies!!! :)))))

Yu had little tummy time compared to his brothers. With Kai, the mat was always on the floor except during the weekly cleaning. With Yang, Y cleaned the floor every day but the mat remained mostly on the ground. Now N tends to clear the floor the whole day and I couldn't bother to change her routine lest she messes up another *.*

Anyway, so I tried to give him some tummy time on the gym in the morning after he wakes but it's hot in the kiddy room as we turn the aircon off once there's daylight. Then I shifted half the mat to my room so that he could be on the floor more.

Tummy time on the gym

Tummy time on the mat - with "friends"!


Just on Monday, he was lying at the edge of his mattress and turned to the left - he dropped face down on the mat beneath. Kai saw the whole thing and had a good laugh!! Well, he just might flip way sooner than his brothers. Sito suspects he might start walking earlier as well. What to do, our last baby is just so physically fit, physically fit, physically, physically, physically fit! :p

His sleep is still erratic. On 2 Jan, he slept for about four hours straight after sunset but then he went back to two-hourly feeds at night after two nights. And he's very "timely" - 11.20 pm, 1.30 am, 3.25 am... His naps are even more erratic. These days he's been giving me a lot lasting 20+ minutes. On good - and rare - days, he gets two hours.

When I forgot to put mittens on and it was cold...

Usually he naps all swaddled up

Tuesday, he napped in the stroller with a fist in the air

He's been nursing erratically too. Sometimes he can suck for 30 minutes; sometimes, two minutes. I have been pumping quite a bit in the day coz he wasn't drinking much.

Cute lips after nursing

Happy after nursing

He can hold his bottle somewhat but cannot/refuse to suck!

No choice, can't force coz he's the big boss :p

Big boss has his mama scrub him down in a big bath tub

Big boss also must be burped - love his sitting pose!

Today, I put him on the top of a shelf in school

Let's not neglect the older boys! Kai always wants me and Sito to be with him at bedtime (one after the other); Yang still doesn't want us at bedtime! Eh, can balance a bit more or not??

Happily going through a goodie bag from Kai's classmate

So happy to see them playing together!

They found a tear in the present which they were using as a prop for their police station game, and thought they saw a Tobot :p I tried to hold them back but the tear got bigger and I could stop them no longer... After tearing the box apart, they ran to Sito and woke him :p

"It's Tobot!"

So happy with the Tritan!

Kai could dismantle the Tritan very quickly; I couldn't *.*

Sick? Fear not - Dr Yang Yang is here for you!

Why are you so cute?!

Yu was the obliging patient

After the Doc has left, the big brother came sayang-ing

He's really such a good big brother :)

But this Kai is so whiny!! Tuesday evening, he bullied Yang when they got home, spat saliva at the dining table area, messed up his dinner which he didn't want and again spat saliva near the shower door. For that, Sito confiscated one of the Tritan cars for the night. He cried madly saying that he couldn't wait for the next day. It's just like how he wanted to shower first but Yang had already showered so he simply couldn't be first that day and yet he still cried wanting to be the first to shower. Makes my blood boil!

That night, I also started to speak more Mandarin to Kai. I think I have to. We had a curriculum talk in school today. Yang was better in Chinese than Kai. The Chinese teachers encouraged them and also me to speak more Mandarin at home. Yes, Ma'am, I will!

It's going to be LNY very soon. I hope that the boys will continue to grow in their affection for one another in the coming year. And speak more Mandarin :p

Update 24 Jan 2017

I forgot to mention something very significant - on 14 January, Sito brought the two older boys to the playground on his own again. This time, he also brought them both across the road to have a drink; last time N was around to help. Achievement unlocked! :) Perhaps a few tries; later or as they grow older, Sito could also pack food back with the two (or even three?!) of them? :)

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