Thursday, 11 October 2012

After hours

Oooh, blogging a lot today! And only this one is at breakneck typing speed on the iPad cos ZK is sleeping and Sito is home! (iPad goes with Sito...)

ZK slept before 7.30 pm, what an achievement! But he's been cranky these three evenings.. Wondering whether it's the vaccination on Tuesday or the accumulation of bad naps in the past week of sling weaning.. Let's hope he naps more and get less cranky...

Yesterday, I dug out my old Pilates mat and did a short routine after ZK went to bed. Did it again just now while waiting for Sito to pack dinner. I'm thinking that it's about time I dig out our PlayStation Move and alternate that with Pilates. Hello, flat tummy tight cheeks fitness! :)

Besides exercising, I hope to cook every evening as well. It will be a later dinner than what I'm used to but I figure that's going to happen once I start work anyway. The difference is that I'll be hungrier when I start work cos a working brain takes more energy.. I'm planning to have a big tea time snack in office - Milo and some cookies or a muffin :) Ahhh, the wonders of breastfeeding - I can eat (almost) all I want!

And after doing the above, I can be fairly confident that ZK won't wake during my shower; if he does, it's usually within 20 min of falling asleep. So I can enjoy my shower instead of rushing through! Maybe I can even use up my facial masks!

I don't usually watch TV so it's off to bed after a good shower. Sometimes with ice cream ^.^ And I'll relax on my iPhone while waiting for Sito to call or Skype if he's able to. Or I sleep and leave the ringer on if he's late. I try to sleep baby hours - as soon as I can after he's gone to bed, usually around 10 pm. And I'll be all ready to nurse him when he needs me.

Oh, last night, I slept until 4 am, and woke in pain! I was leaking milk on the right and it was so swollen all the way to the tip that the whole thing was stiff! I couldn't bear to pump - must be painful! - so I expressed a bit by hand just to make it easier for ZK to latch on later. My timing was quite good; he woke about 30 min later. Engorgement relieved!

Today, he fed at very good intervals since his 4.45 am feed - every three to four hours except the last feed before he slept; only one hour had passed since his evening feed as I gave him the boob to soothe his crankiness. Hope the hourly feeds remain little and infrequent :) I'm now looking forward to every nursing session as it's becoming more manageable - and of cos he's super cute from that angle! How privileged I am :)

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