Friday, 12 October 2012

ZK is three months old!

Well, three months to me should be 12 weeks but it's not practical to track the weeks so let's just use the 12th of each month :)

He had two shots at his three-month check-up on 9 Oct - a 5-in-1 and pneumococcus, one in each chubby thigh. He also had to swallow a cold and sweet rotavirus vaccine. Brave boy! :) (And the vaccines were expensive - $125, $180 and $105)

I asked the doc a lot of questions. As usual, everything was normal. I saw how he rubbed ZK's crusty belly button so I'm now not afraid to clean it well now! Love to clean my own pi zai, heh :p Doc also said that all the crusty bits behind his ears, his ear wax and his cradle cap are all, as I understand, "baby things" which he would outgrow.

That afternoon, I was trying to sing him to sleep when all of a sudden, I saw dark brown ear wax loose in his ear! It was sticky and honestly quite gross *.* I told Carmen who was cleaning at that time and she said that maybe he liked music.... Literally 听出耳油! :p

Anyway, in the past couple of weeks, he found his left hand and started sucking on it. He's also using it a lot to swipe at the mobiles. He can also grab things now. He likes to grab clothes placed on his naked chest or pulls at his top if he's wearing a two-piece. He doesn't grab XX when placed on his chest but he had been grabbing XX and HH* a bit when he wakes in the morning. A few days ago, he grabbed my hair *.*

* Btw I just realised HH is no tiger - it's got leopard prints! What was I thinking?! Time to think of a new name...

He has cute little hands. I thought they look very reptilian *,* Maybe cos of the folds amid super smooth skin? :p

Recently, he prefers sitting to lying down. Of course he can't sit up on his own yet so he sits on my arm propped up against my chest.

But this is his fave:

So cute right?! Haha! I started doing that to encourage him to hold up his head since he absolutely hates tummy time. Then I realised he enjoys it! His head is still wobbly but doc said he had good head control so all's good.

More of ZK on the sofa.. I always tell him that he's a big baby sitting up! :)

What expression was that?! Cute though :)

And playing with HH:

As for me, I had my two-month check-up on 27 Sep. All's fine. Uterus tiny, PAP smear normal. Doc also showed me a line in my womb - the site where ZK was attached to me :)

Finally, he's 6.35kg and measures 63cm :) I'm at the same height of course but 2kg heavier than pre-pregnancy :p

Shall end with a rare shot of ZK and me together, taken by CY at our tea on Wednesday - yet another wonderful shot of ZK sticking out his tongue!

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