Saturday, 20 October 2012

Simple Saturday :)

ZK woke very hungry! But no choice - I had to change his 12-hour-old diaper! After nursing in bed, he started his usual straining... But no poop yet... Then, well, I farted ^.^

mf: Oooh, that was mama... How about ZK?

And what do you know, he lifted his legs and let rip a similar tiny fart! Hoho! Ya, I'm sure that was only coincidental but it was hilarious then!

Had a little accident just before his nap time - he fell off his floor bed onto the baby gym!! I got to him a split second late :( Felt so bad :( Held him and cuddled him for a while. The brave boy stopped crying soon - think he was more scared than in pain. It was a timely reminder to keep a close watch at all times, especially since he would be turning over any time - today, he actually turned onto his left and then rolled back!

Taken a few minutes before he got to the edge..

Had lunch with LS and Jon after baby spa before adjoining to dessert when SX joined us. ZK struggled a little so I let him out of the sling and set him on the table. And he pooped! Loudly! It was pretty funny and embarrassing at the same time. Bade farewell to the group - nice catching up, especially the Oxford stuff and um, Jon's 冲凉歌! - and went in search of a baby room.

My lunch!

Came home to some play time in his room. It's so nice to be with him like that - simply lying on the mat and waving XX and HH in front of him was enough to make him happy for quite a while. And after a couple of weeks of not babbling much to me, he was fighting to speak today! :)

Sito reached home at 7-ish just as ZK was falling asleep. Time for me to spend time with my other boy!

As it was raining, we cooked! He made instant noodles in a gigantic pot - we don't remember that pot being so big haha! I made a big omelette for myself and had that with two slices of bread. Then he ate in front of the TV while I ate at the dinning table!! But it was strangely nice - like Evanston, I suppose, when he was often the one having instant noodles for supper.

And now, he's playing games on his phone while I blog right next to him! Um, maybe we should have some ice cream - together :)

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