Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Yesterday, we were talking about the Amy Cheong saga on the way to baby spa. Mum commented that things said could not be taken back.

I know that only too well, unfortunately.

Every time I think about what happened, every time she mentioned anything related, every time I see her number on my phone, I'm reminded of how Mother cursed me.

It's painful to hold a grudge like this, against your own mother. But it's also very painful to be cursed like that by your own mother. I don't think I can ever let it go. I don't think I'll ever forget.

The one good thing out of this is that I learn that if and when I'm angry with Sito and our kids, I must calm down before reacting and not do or say things I'll regret.

PS: It just happens that it's her birthday today. I didn't intend to do my obligatory meet-up until next month but I guess I'll take her out for lunch tomorrow. Don't want to piss her off.

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