Thursday, 11 October 2012

Floated to the skies and dropped back down..

...all in the span of five minutes..

Just now on the MRT, a random auntie commented that my baby sling looked useful. She went on to ask about ZK's age.

Auntie: Huh, three months only ah? So big! And you look good for three months!
mf: Thanks, first one la..
Auntie: My ex-colleague looked like a mother of five after her first.. You have good genes!

What do I say? Smile lor, haha!

And I left the train to change lines.. On the way to the circle line, a tai tai asked me if she was headed the right way. Then a foreign worker passing by decided that I knew my directions so he turned back to ask me too.

FW: Auntie! Kranji this way?

AUNTIE??!!! He must be 30 years old!!

The tai tai hesitated for a while and left when she realised he was calling me.

Sighs! Ya, when I'm with ZK, I guess anyone can call me auntie *.*

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