Wednesday, 24 October 2012

No more hungry boy?

Hmmm, ZK's last feed was at 4 am. When he woke at 8.45 am, I thought he would be ravenous. But no, he took a nice little poop - no blowout woohoo! - and let me clean him up. And now, he is just playing on his baby gym, showing no sign of hunger... So I was right to just let him cry at 6 am!

I highly suspect his sometimes-hourly feeds in the day are more because he needs comfort from lack of naps than hunger. Poor boy... Let's see if we can improve his naps today...

So funny, he's talking to the bell mobile, seemingly berating it for not yielding to him. Pull harder, little one! :) And now, turn more if you want to see yourself in the mirror! :)

Enjoying the morning :)

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