Tuesday, 16 October 2012

While he's nursing..

I blog!

Today, we went to Gardens by the Bay again. And ZK met a new friend - SX-jiejie!

Actually they kind of met the last time but they were taking turns to sleep or nurse. This time both were awake and they shook hands!

We were supposed to go onto the skywalk but it was too hot.. The Flower Dome was great though, we nursed there before heading for the autumn exhibit.

"Please do not step in" :)

There were also barrels of pumpkins. I didn't see the "do not touch" sign and picked a few up to see if they were real :p (They were!)

Found this throne - feel like 慈禧太后 and 同治 :p

Now, let's go back to the weekend for more photos!

"Hey Papa, why don't you wake up to play with me??"

"Nvm, I play with Mama who always put this pink metallic toy in front of me.."

ZK grabbed XX and fell asleep :) And just now, he actually grabbed HH and put it in his mouth! Think XX kena that weeks ago but this time, it felt more intentional..

Better size for the carrier now, especially with better head control.

And Papa took ZK on the way home from Mum's! First time being carried by Papa chest to chest!

Oh, and while we were there, we saw a photo of baby Sito with the same crew cut and pouting - ZK looks just like that when he pouts! :) But we both agree that ZK is and will be better looking than either of his parents! Fine, proud papa and mama speaking :)

He wore a new onesie today. After the gardens, he had a nasty blowout - the onesie is being soaked now...

I assembled his new play mat yesterday :) And I put some toys on it with him. This is with DD - no prize for guessing what that stands for!

He was very excited beckoning at HH until he spat up milk *.*

As mentioned earlier, I collected his name stamp alreasy - here it is! Liuli glass with a dragon on top plus the ink pad. When I was at the office, there were so many bags awaiting collection, including a Vietnamese name! Good business.. This one costs some $230!

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