Tuesday, 23 October 2012

mf the time stealer

Yes, I'm a time stealer, stealing time when ZK naps or plays on his own!

Just finished cutting kiwis :) This morning, I managed some laundry.. And now this, sharing photos..

He has become rather taken with DD - kept looking and sometimes babbling at it :)

And the car seat base finally arrived after almost two months - thanks to Yan! :) Now he can sit more comfortably in his car seat without the seat belt going across his chubby thighs.

He woke up happy on Sunday! With DD next to him :) I've removed XX and HH as he's very into grabbing things now - don't want him to put them over his face..

"I'm not wearing a dress; it's my sleep sack!"

Had a family dinner at the new Xin Wang HK Cafe downstairs - can see Sito in the mirror taking this pic :p

And he was so good during his bath time :)

"My body is the size of two palms."

But he didn't sleep too well that night. He slept at 8+, woke at 4.30 am to feed and then at 5 am to fuss until day break! He didn't go back to sleep; I just changed him and fed him, hoping he would sleep. He did - for 5 min *.* But at 10 plus, when I wasn't feeding him and was so tired that I was drifting in and out of sleep with him playing with my clothes next to me, he fell asleep on his own with barely a sound!

My dear little boy, can you do that more often and earlier please?? :)

ZK was such a happy baby that afternoon though - of course la, had to give him his FOURTH shirt of the day due to poop and pee! - that I thought we could go out for a walk :) We walked to HSBC to sort out my ATM card - no park within walking distance for a real stroll.. On the way back, passing by Starbucks, I couldn't help it anymore - I had a decaf java chip light! Soooo good! Really reminded me of 3Q 2008..

ZK fell asleep in Starbucks - must be the fragrance :)

Then we went to the shopping centre. I wanted to get some vitamins and just walked a little more to finish up the drink as I was going to Cold Storage later. In the end, I bought nothing :p

ZK woke in Cold Storage - blame the loud music and renovation works going on! But he had a good 30 min nap by then.

Decided to wash his hair when we got back so that he could have a more relaxing bath time later. And true enough, he cried during the shampoo *.* Here are some funny photos of him when I was rubbing his scalp with olive oil - his cradle cap returned!

He would go from this...

... And this while I rubbed his scalp...

Ok, last one!

... to a wide smile with a "hehhh"!

Not the widest as it was so hard to capture.. Anyway, I was busy smiling back at him :) Much rather see with my own eyes and interact with him. That's why we have very few photos of him smiling.. Nvm, more opportunities in future :)

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