Thursday, 4 October 2012

Me and my OCD

I was applying moisturiser next to the bed when I found something weird about my pillow.. Then, it dawned on me that I hadn't laid an extra pillow case over! Why? Cos I didn't wash my hair tonight and so I couldn't sleep on my regular pillow case!!

Yes, I'm super OCD about things like that. I must sleep clean. Must!

And my pillow is very important. Say I sleep on it with unwashed hair - not greasy, just has dust from outside - one night, I would think that the dust will stay on the pillow and give me pimples when I roll onto my face the next night! Nvm whether dust - invisible or even imaginary!- causes pimples! Um, and, I also make sure to keep my face off the pillow when I don't wash my hair!

The rest of the bed too. Only PJs can come in contact with the bedsheet. So I don't nap in bed after I have stepped out of the house, even if it's just to collect mail. If I have to, e.g. napping with ZK cos his bed doesn't have a duvet, I lie on top of the duvet. The other side of the duvet is sacred like my bedsheet and my pillow.

And there's a reason why the foot of the bed is called the foot of the bed *.* My feet never goes above the bottom half of the bed. Even on top of the duvet, I don't allow my feet to get near the top cos my arms hang out of the duvet sometimes! And, I always wash my hands after touching my own feet, even if it's just the top of my feet. Bottom? I try not to!

I guess I'm used to keeping my feet down since I was a kid. My feet don't go above my knees. At the very most, I sit cross legged. And, no foot goes on sitting surfaces too. I can't take it, unless it's very very clean. Unfortunately, our house is too dusty for feet to be clean. These days, I have to use a foot file in the shower to lighten my black feet from walking around the house the whole day!

Oh, thought of another related OCD - the back of the forearm. I don't like to rest my arms on tables when eating outside unless there's a table cloth. Nowadays I always lean on ZK's bed with my arms so that's even more important now!

What else..? Will add on if anything crosses my mind :p

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