Wednesday, 12 December 2012


It's 12 Dec 2012 today - 12-12-12! And ZK turns five months woohoo! And and and, he'll be a real payday baby when I start getting paid next month!

Yesterday he took a long morning nap on his belly. He seems to be able to nap longer when he's not on his back. This is his other preferred position - the Peugeot man position. Well, the real deal is a lion - does his hair count for a mane?? :p

When I posted this photo on Facebook this morning, I thought it was fun - 小牛趴在草地上 right? But my friends saw his amazing hair instead! No, we didn't do anything special except pass him our genes *.*

I like this - he's like some poster boy with that smile!

For a while, he was blowing saliva...

"See, I can support myself with only two fingers!"

Random food picture - pork belly char siew from Canton Paradise last Saturday!!

We enticed ZK with some carrot cake. But he couldn't be bothered to even look at it. But the next day, I was hungry and he looked hungry so I gave him a plain cracker from my pack, and he grabbed it! He started gumming it but didn't really eat it...

"Where's my cracker? Oh nvm, there's still my shirt..."

When I put the little pieces on my palm for him to grab, he simply grabbed my whole hand towards his mouth!

Two days later, I put a broccoli floret on his food tray while I was having my breakfast. He barely looked at it. I had to draw his attention to it. Then he stuffed it into his mouth and broke the stem - cos I cooked it for too long!

I suddenly remembered he should need a bib so I put one on and encourage him to go for the broccoli again. No luck.

I put a plain cracker next to the broccoli to test him. No luck too. Maybe he wasn't hungry..

Anyway, today I discovered how he could fall off his bed and not land on the blanket - he was playing with the orange "pillar" after waking up but still half asleep! At one point, his head went on to the other side..

When he woke, he took to the mirror and had some fun admiring himself. I just love to see his little hands grabbing things :)


And then the hairdresser next door shaved his head... I didn't want to shave his head!! I just wanted his hair shorter, and I also asked for the middle portion to be longer, like a mohawk. My heart sank when she made the first shave on the side of his head - so short?! When she changed the head for the centre, I thought ok, longer.. But on the first shave, I realised that she was hopeless! She turned ZK into a monk!!


His hair is now shorter than the last time..


He doesn't have a cool hairstyle now..


I consoled myself by taking photos of his swirl (and bald patch) when we were at HortPark to pacify him as he was wailing in the car after suffering the haircut. And his head is like a little mushroom!

He eventually fell asleep on the way home. The car seat is still sitting on our floor..

Random picture again. Took this on Sunday morning on the way back after a walk with ZK. Meow :)

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