Friday, 7 December 2012

Going on five months

ZK is 7.45kg today at almost five months!

Growth has slowed down. I could feel it too - my shoulder and back are not aching any more than last month hoho!

He's a brave little boy yet again, crying for only a few seconds after each vaccine - had the pneumococcus ($180!) and the 6-in-1 ($155!) today to save the six-month Hep B trip.

I have some photos pending upload but a quick note on his latest development - he arched back to his left these two days. Maybe he wants to flip to his left too? Akan datang..

Two days ago, he suddenly squeezed his milk milk factory while nursing and continued for quite a while. Since then, he's been doing it on and off. Has he learnt that that makes the flow faster? More likely the following..

He used to hang on for dear life while nursing, usually grabbing the middle of my blouse or bra. But these days, he seems to think that the other milk milk factory provides a better grip!!! :( He has also taken to pinching me on my arms and face and wherever he lands his little hands on. I think he's strengthening his palmar grasp and perhaps even practising his pincer grip!

Which brings me to weaning - the PD said we could give him solids at five months! How exciting! :) But as LS reminded me, it's going to be messy too. But once he goes to infant care from 17 December, I'll only be feeding on weekends, WHEN SITO IS AROUND - guess who's going to clean up? :p

Going to draw up a little menu for the little one now :)

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