Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A great responsibility

Last Saturday, ZK dropped off and fell asleep after nursing, still grabbing tightly onto me and hence trapping me.

(I was fully clothed! The exposed white bit in my dress was my nursing bra..)

I looked at this little boy sleeping soundly so close to me, and felt a great responsibility towards him. I want to take good care of him so so much.

In the past, I thought news about kids meeting with some mishap are terribly sad. Now with ZK, I think they are very scary. I couldn't begin to imagine if anything bad were to happen to him. I really feel for the families of the kids killed in the recent shooting in Connecticut - life will never be the same again for them. I hope they will find peace with time...

Besides taking care of ZK, I think it's also important that Sito and I take good care of ourselves. That's also being responsible for ZK. So I went for a health screening this morning - first time in three years! Had some "fun" scooping poop this morning heh... Sito did his in August. We're also set for a visit to the dentist next week during his leave. And of course, I've taking care of myself in other ways too - massage, pedicure etc... :p

At first, before ZK started infant care, I was not sure if I could do all this, spending extended periods of time away from the area in case he needed me. So on ZK's first day at infant care on Monday, I was anxious about him, and about me running off to a massage. But now, with the third day coming to an end, I know that he is well taken care of.

Yesterday morning, the morning carer noticed a mark on a baby's chin when he was brought in. The father didn't know anything. Then in the evening, I was leaving when the mum came to pick up the same baby and the evening carer asked the mum about it - such continuity and attention! More importantly, the other babies there are all so happy and smiley - ZK is the only one who is always looking serious and not smiling *.* But well, he's still young; he'll learn :)

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