Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Clothes and the like

After finally finishing Jumong (and feeling a little sad like at the end of a good novel) last Tuesday, I started trying out my pre-pregnancy clothes to see how much shopping I would need before starting work.

I started with the bottoms. All my skirts still wrap nicely around my butt :) In fact, I think I fit better in them now! Somehow the meat around my waist has redistributed itself - I have a smaller lower abdomen now although the part just under my chest has gone bigger. But this means my skirts no longer slide up, not immediately anyway. Let's see what happens when I really wear them for the whole day..

I used to wear one pair of black pants regularly. That was very fitted to begin with. Now, I can't really move comfortably in it even though I can wear it. But I'm keeping it as my skinny pants :p I can still wear my black party pants but well, those are party pants, not for work.. And of course, the red pants still fit; I bought them in Oxford when I was bigger! But looking at it now, I really do think I have some questionable taste back then *.* Anyway, be keeping it for strange costume parties.. My suit pants are in ZK's room so I haven't tried it but I think it should be fine as it was looser than my black pants.

Next, the tops. I could wear all but the most fitted ones as my chest has widened due to pregnancy. I almost couldn't get myself out of this lovely green top - while Sito was abroad! - which is now in the recycling bag. I realised I have very few tops now. I have fewer tops than skirts! Brought a number to Evanston and threw them away before coming back. But it's ok as I have a lot of dresses, most of which I can still wear.

And not forgetting the smalls.. I didn't bother trying the bottoms since I've been wearing pre-pregnancy ones all along - the versatility of low-cut panties! But as I mentioned, my chest is now wider, which means the clasps of all my old bras no longer meet! But I've grown into the cups finally, haha! So yup, I can keep wearing them if I get a few bra extenders. Not pretty but who is going to see?!

Just now, I decided to go for the greatest litmus test of all - denim. I had conveniently ignored that last drawer in my wardrobe but well, there's no running it if I were to be complete in trying out everything.. And guess what? I can wear everything yay! In fact, I now fit better into my skinny jeans! After the jamu massage which drained my swollen feet, even my calves have slimmed down. They also feel softer than before. Sito and I came to the conclusion that I'd always had water retention in my legs - what we thought were useless calf muscles (cos I can't run for my life) turned out to be swollen tissue *.*

Digression: In 2007, a shoe seller at an open market in Paris told me I needed to cut off "this much" (gesture with fingers) of my calves to wear his boots! Bah!

I'm very very lucky and grateful that I didn't change too much (except for the better!) after having ZK. Much as I would love to refresh my entire wardrobe, it's too expensive and too depressing to have to do that!

Anyway.. So, verdict? I don't need to do any shopping!

But! But but but, just counting my tops, I think I have fewer clothes than ZK... Really? The baby has more clothes than the mama?! Fine, so I don't poop all the way up my back and out the legs on a daily or twice-daily basis but still, really?? I think I want to shop!

So here's my shopping list:

1) A few tops good for both work and play
2) A pair of black pants - always good to have one
3) A pair of black kitten heels, a pair of HIGH heels :)

And for completeness of a real shopping list even though it's got nothing to do with clothes, iPhone 5 :) After all, I'm kiasu enough to have already bought a cover with complimentary screen protectors! :p

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