Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Routine for happy weekends!

We had a jolly good weekend last week!

It started with a nice morning view from our lift landing as ZK and I were on the way to the hawker centre..

We started this a few weeks before, to have something other than muesli for breakfast on Saturdays. This means that Sito gets some breakfast on weekends since he usually wakes late and skips breakfast totally, cos he likes what I get for him from the hawker centre - vegetarian beehoon, chee cheong fun, you tiao etc.. Last Saturday, it was you tiao. He had half of it while ZK and I were on our way to baby spa. (Yes, he got up that late!) We had the other half at night, somewhat overly toasted on the grill..

ZK fell asleep on the way so I sat around to wait a while and Sito caught up. After a happy and (for the parents) hungry time at the baby spa, we decided to have a buffet lunch at Shabuya! All that wagyu!! We ate so much of it, as well as pork belly and prawns... Yum yum.. And the udon was very tasty after being cooked in the same pot! But after a while, the texture changed, like it was going to melt! So Sito did this - udon onsen? :p

We couldn't have dinner that night. Shared a bowl of cup noodles over a movie instead..

And Papa and son were in the same colour that day! My fave boys :)

The next day started with ZK being cute while I was having breakfast:

The extended family had dim sum for lunch - we had the awesome char siew again, second time in eight days hoho! After walking around Star Vista, we had some Blackball. We were very full again but as there was less carbs than the day before, we got hungry later in the evening. So we had pizza delivered while we were watching Avatar on the TV :)

That day, we discovered the acrobatic side of ZK...

And while we're on the mat... I left him for a while the other day and returned to find him in perfect alignment with DD. It was too cute! But by the time I got my camera, he had shifted.. But just imagine the two round heads on the mat la :p

Anyway, seems that our weekend routine is working out nicely. Saturday, nice breakfast, then three of us go out for lunch and some activity or stroll etc in the afternoon, cook something small for dinner since we usually eat a lot for lunch. Sunday, lunch with the extended family and maybe baby spa if we don't go that Saturday, pack or order something for dinner. I guess when ZK gets a little bigger, we can do more things outside, like going to the zoo? :)

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