Sunday, 9 December 2012

Babies vs. pets

At lunch some months ago, a waitress told us that it would be easier to treat kids as pets. I was like "huh" back then but after these few months, gee, wasn't she right!

Pets have basic needs like eat, play and sleep. So do babies.

Pets don't talk. Babies at ZK's age don't talk too.

You train a dog to poo on newspapers, to sit, to do all sorts of tricks. Similarly, you train a baby to do all those things!

If babies are like pets, then I guess pets could be like babies too. Is that why some people prefer to keep a dog or two instead of having kids?

And if we extend the definition of pets a little wildly, then I guess we have a pet and hence a second baby in this house..


Whenever Sito goes away for a few days, this is what he would say when he sees ZK: He has grown!

I could say the same for the gecko *.*

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