Sunday, 2 December 2012

Happy weekend! :)

And it started with this in the middle of Friday night:

I was so shocked to find him sleeping soundly on his belly. But he was breathing well with his head tilted to the side. I wanted to turn him over but before that, I had to make sure his pacifier was within reach in case he cried. It took me a while to find it in the dark - I thought it had fallen somewhere on his bed but he was still holding it! So cute I had to take a picture :p

And check out that cute little butt, so fat with his diaper :p

He woke quite happy on Saturday morning. I put him on the play mat while I washed up. And I found him rolled onto the floor right next to the mat when I got back! By the time I took this picture, he had flipped again! So fast, you little fat butt baby :)

Sito helped with the laundry :) before we headed out for the baby spa. ZK started out happy but started to fuss after five minutes so we gave him a sitting float instead of the usual head float. He liked it! He was able to use his hands, suck his fingers or bring the balls to his mouth! But he became lazy - didn't kick much that day. Oh well, at least he was happy!

Sito decided that we should do something this weekend, something we used to do. So we went to Kinokuniya after the baby spa. Here's an induction for ZK to the world of manga!


And the Taka Xmas tree! We like it! Apparently, ZK liked it so much that he decided to look at it rather than the camera..

We walked the food hall for a while and grabbed some tako balls before going home. For some reason, neither of us was hungry and so we had dinner quite late - cooked some instant noodles :) We ended the day with a movie Brave and some ice cream. Happy!

Last night, ZK turned onto his belly to sleep again. This time, I thought he seemed happy sleeping on his belly so I slept next to him for a while instead of turning him around. When I saw that he was able - very able - to lift his head to change positions even while half asleep, I was relieved and left him alone. He was sleeping at the edge but I figured that even if he fell, he would be cushioned.

Nonetheless, I was glad that he didn't fall. When he woke to nurse, I took the opportunity to turn him back onto his Babysafe sleep positioner pillow - almost forgot about that! - so that he wouldn't be able to flip again. Well, I was only half right. I now know that he usually automatically flips while asleep. He may or may not wake himself up with the flip, which is why sometimes I don't know that he has flipped. If he's asleep, it seems that he is not able to flip out of the sleep positioner. But if he's awake, he can definitely flip over the sleep positioner - he did that this morning when he woke. Well, better than nothing!

And today, we did the usual - lunch at Mum's place and dinner at home. Sito went jogging while I was napping with ZK and came back with yummy cai fan for me - he knows what I like :)

Now he's doing some work while I blog. Guess we should both turn in soon - I've got to wake a few times tonight and he has work tomorrow! Let me just share a few more pictures from the past week or so..

We tried bathing ZK in a bigger bath tub last weekend - epic fail. He couldn't sit well by himself and I couldn't hold him well on the floor of the bathroom. This was just "rehearsal" in the afternoon..

ZK trying to wake Papa when I put him on our bed :p

"What are these? They're new!"

ZK's booster seat arrived on Monday and I have let him sit in it a few times to watch me eat. The first time was a bad timing - he was fussy. But the second time was great. He couldn't sit up very well yet but he seemed to be having fun!

Funny look - I love it!

And his cute look! My little boy :)

And a random thing - I was doing 骨诊 this afternoon for my numb big toe (apparently some 经络 problem) and bad right shoulder when I saw this hanging on the wall:

Doc: Oh ya, after this I shall practise 九阴真经!


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  1. Loved the pic of him sleeping on the tummy with his butt sticking out! SO cute!!


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