Thursday, 29 November 2012

Baby off the bed!

When I heard a familiar ringing, I thought "wtf" and dashed into ZK's bedroom.


The night light showed a little black pile next to the bed. I turned on the light and found my baby lying on my blanket with his legs on the floor, looking a bit dazed. I picked him up and put him back to sleep...

So glad I put my thick blanket on his play gym which has a bell on it right next to him!

What happened was that yesterday morning, he woke and started coo-ing. I let him coo until he gave an unfamiliar sound. When I went into his room, I found him on his arms and tummy - he had flipped right from his back! His arms were nicely in front of him, not stuck. Well done! :)

Then last night, shortly after I left him asleep, he cried out. I went in and again found him on his arms and tummy. And it dawned on me that if he flipped to his right again, he would land on the floor!

Yes, he's sleeping on a floor bed but it still presents a good six-inch drop. I dropped off once to try and it hurt *.*

So I made a cushion for him with the play gym and blanket. The arch of the play gym could break his fall as well and the bell will serve as an alert.

This morning, he flipped on the play mat while I was in the toilet and flipped again back onto his back. He also flipped on my bed in the afternoon - that's more difficult as the bed is soft; he tried a few times.

Just now, he cried out once after I left him asleep, and I went in to find him flipped on his bed. The second time, he must have been half asleep when he flipped twice onto the cushion - not a sound from him!

Got to be a lot more vigilant now that I know he can do this without crying out. Good luck to us!

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