Thursday, 15 November 2012

Work to live like I eat to live

The other day, I suddenly recalled that I was entertaining the thought of moving out and renting some time in 2004 or 2005. I only shared this thought but was met with a stern "you're disowned if you ever do that"!! Wtf?!

Anyway, that was not financially possible given my earnings back then actually. Hence "entertaining"... I endured living without privacy and with people I couldn't stand living with, thinking I would have to wait until age 35 to buy my own flat, but of course Sito put me out of my misery.

Anyway, one good thing about not renting - we could afford Kellogg!!!

The past couple of times I met her, Mother kept telling me not to go back to work so that I could take care of ZK. Sounds good but (1) how can I let him face me all the time when I don't have a network of SAHMs to arrange play dates with, and (2) how can we pave a better life if our household income is less for three of us (and hopefully more later) than it was for two of us last time? Not to mention our current combined savings aren't that fantastic post-Kellogg. Must rebuild nest egg!

That said, I'm not going all out to bia. Sito is busy enough. If I'm very busy too, then ZK will be a very poor thing! I just want a job that lets me be a present mum, allows me to be more than a wife and a mum, and provides some kind of mental stimulation and sufficient compensation.

So for my return to work, I rejected what HR offered me - corp comms (little experience and shit hours) and overseas engagement (how to travel?!). Instead, I found another position that HR knew nuts about - one good thing when you know people :) It's something I've not done before though I'm more or less acquainted with the policy behind it. Another new thing about it is that there's (supposed to be) work-life balance!! Just pending final confirmation now...

That's very important but I've covered enough of work-life before. Just to add that a close friend recently took a major pay cut to improve her work-life balance. Salute to her! I'm just thankful that I will be able to return to my pay grade. Nvm that there will be no more hefty bonuses since I'm not going for a hefty workload too. I'll just not sign on another massage and facial package lor *.* (It's no coincidence that my packages always started in April :p)

PS: Yup, I eat to live, not the other way round.. Although I don't reject good food when it comes around!

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