Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I've never been so shocked upon opening the door - was taking out the recycling bag for collection day.


I gave a little scream and slammed the door shut, ran to get the Baygon and gingerly opened the door again..

The pest had moved to the mini drain and was starting to crawl away. Who knows if it will come back? And one less roach is good for (wo?)mankind!

So I opened the gate, reached out and sprayed with all my might!

The poisoned roach moved away frantically. I just had to make sure it died lest it became more resistant to Baygon (does that happen??) so I gave chase! A longer spray later, it moved away even more frantically.

I was satisfied and returned to my whining baby - sorry babe, I must protect us! Remember that old Baygon commercial with sleeping kids? :)

PS: Pesticides these days actually smell good! But let's not breathe in too much of it anyway..

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