Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Had too much junk today. Don't know why, can't stop eating. Maybe my mouth is trying to compensate itself for the past couple of weeks of ulcer misfortune.. I'm now thinking about the Sara Lee chocolate cake in the freezer but I shouldn't as I've had a chocolate cupcake from Delifrance this afternoon, among others...

Bought the Sara Lee a few weeks ago after lusting after it for some months. It used to be a great treat in childhood even though it didn't (and still doesn't) have cream like birthday cakes. But now, 20 plus years later, Sara Lee failed to bring that "great treat" feeling.

It used to be so easy to be over the moon - ice kacang, rojak, the flat white floury cake/bread, some 猫猫 brand ice cream. A simple pandan chiffon cake could also be a birthday cake. Sara Lee was actually a very upmarket treat, the kind that made all of us kids gather around Mother, waiting anxiously for that one slice of heaven.

Now, access to better options has robbed me of that simple joy. I always choose super rich chocolate gateau over the good old sponge cake. I always prefer B&J or equivalent to Paddle Pop or King's. I no longer eat cheap chocolate. And kids of today may scream the house down if they don't get a fancy birthday cake in the shape of some purple dino.

But this Sara Lee thing is a call for me to 返朴归真, to rediscover the simple joys in life. Even though the first bite did not bring the expected euphoria, the excitement when buying it and the anticipation when cutting it were worth remembering for some time to come..

And maybe, it's time for me to go search for simple foods that made me happy as a child... Who needs 山珍海味?

(But no, I will still not eat cheap chocolate - don't get fat for nothing!)

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