Monday, 19 November 2012

Another simple day with ZK

Very soon, ZK will go to infant care. I'm enjoying these last days of mama-and-son nua-ing time with him. Just like to do nothing much at all and live by his schedule. And the weather.

Like today, we lazed around in the morning before going to the supermarket and returned to more lazing around.. But of course, it's not picture perfect.

The frustrating

Took two hours to make him nap 30 min this morning, sighs.. He didn't want to nap but he also didn't want play or watch 喜羊羊 or even nurse. I sang one line to him: 原来你什么都不想要!

Today's theme song:

The comforting

The little boy woke from his afternoon nap pouting and ready to cry. I lay down next to him to pat his little chest only to have him turn towards me and pulling at my top at my chest. That meant only one thing...

As he took in his nth feed of the day, I brushed my hand over his head as I would usually do at the beginning of a feed. Then his hand closed in on my wrist and pulled it tight against his chest. As he slowly calmed down, my earlier frustration also melted away..

His still dimply and slightly wrinkly little hand looked so cute against my big hand. And it feels so soft and warm against my hardened skin. Better enjoy it while his hands are still so baby-ish. And while he still wants to hold mine.

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