Sunday, 25 November 2012

Songs of the day

So CY and I went for K Lunch today - it's her birthday tomorrow yeah!! :)

We love to sing since we were kids and it's always fun singing together. We sang our favourite singles and also the fun combi of 我想飞 by FIR followed by 有话直说 by 动力火车 cos these two songs are kind of similar, not to mention being absolutely fun to stand and dance and sing! :) The last time we sang together was in November 2010!!

Today, I felt very emo as I sang and listened to CY sing certain songs. Just want to record my feelings and share the good songs here..

This was the first song I sang today - 七里香 by 周杰伦:

I love the lyrics!

Also sang 诱惑的街 by 林忆莲:

This is an old song but it remains one of my favourites. I don't know why - I like sad songs??

But happy songs are fun to sing! Like 在树上唱歌 by 郭静:


I like that it's so positive :)

This is the theme song to the MediaCorp production, Little Nyonya - 如燕 by Olivia:

The lyrics are so beautiful! They're written by 陈佳明 who also composed the tune. I think he has written lots of songs for MediaCorp dramas since the 1980s.

MediaCorp had an anniversary show last Sunday which we missed but CY said it was quite good. I remember hearing many familiar tunes on the radio that week too - very good songs that were written for the dramas. Think these days, only the big productions get theme songs written for them.

I just told Sito how I felt about these songs and showed him the lyrics and sang him a song.

mf: If I blush, you can describe me like “你的脸颊像田里熟透的蕃茄” ^.^
Sito: Tomato?!
mf: *.*

mf: Isn't this beautiful??
Sito: Yes but what has a bird flying in the sky got to do with baba?!
mf: *.*

Nvm, I have a practical husband so that I can live in a beautiful dream world whenever I go into a karaoke room!

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