Friday, 2 November 2012


These few nights have been very cool - like aircon without the bills!

Actually our utility bills are not high, averaging $80-$90 despite at least 12 hours of aircon a day, the washing machine, the dryer and a husband who can shower up to three times a day :p

But now that I've started cooking dinner, I don't know if our bills will be affected... Washing dishes takes a lot of water! I think if I (or hired help?) were to cook more for a bigger family, it's better to get a dishwasher. Contrary to popular belief and general perception, such gadgets are meant not only for convenience but also to save energy and water - just google it. Of course, don't run the machine with only two plates la!

It's amazing what perceptions can do. Mother has a washing machine for more than 20 years. But she has never ever used it to wash - just rinse and spin! Poor machine - it never fulfills its destiny because its owner wants to save water. Question is, does hand washing really save water?? The only way she truly saves water is that the rinsing water doesn't go down the pipe - she would run the hose into the bathroom, sometimes into a pail to scrub the floor or something. I hated it cos the door would be pushed open in the middle of a poop or a shower!

Same with aircon. Until today, that house has no aircon. Or the lights. Switching off and on again uses more electricity than leaving it on for a short while - where the hell did that come from?? Or credit cards. She berated me for getting my first cards - ya, of course I would go bankrupt for using credit cards! *roll eyes*

Anyway, I didn't mean to go into the last two paragraphs but I can't help recalling those incidents whenever I think about utilities. (The credit cards are a b-t-w mention.) Should go enjoy the breeze now :)

PS: FFFFF! The smoker is at it again!! :(

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