Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Like papa and mama, like son

His Royal Chubbiness is 6.97kg today! I must be getting stronger..I hope? :)

Was at the PD's today. Saw a different one as our usual had an emergency case. Second dose of the same vaccines a month ago. This time, he was asleep in my sling when the doc fed him the oral vaccine. He woke and cried as expected. The cries got louder with the two injections on his chubby thighs.

Asked the doc lots of questions as usual. When I mentioned that ZK makes chomping motions with his mouth whenever he watches me eat, he said I could introduce solids at five months if I wish, given his size *.* The best response yet was when I asked about ZK swiping his head and ears etc - babies have weird behaviour at this age! I like this doc :)

Very fast, ZK turns four months next week. But he doesn't look his age with his serious face and the mob of hair, both of which have invited comments - huh, only three months, so much hair, so big, so much hair!

I was telling XY who hasn't met ZK yet that he looks more like a toddler than a baby - chao lao! Then she said he must be like Sito who looked like 30 when he was 25! (But who has continued to look like 30 :p)

Now that I think about it, I was also chao lao - I have been looking like this since five!! *.* (But Sito says I still look like 25 hoho! 真会说话 :))

So well, dear ZK, you just won't look very baby-ish in your baby photos! Rest assured that you're still super cute :)

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