Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Getting into a family routine

Love public holidays - Sito is around! :)

The day started wonderfully with ZK's cheerful coo-ing waking me just before 7 am. We didn't manage to have a little family lunch - more of an extended family lunch instead - but we had a little family nap and some couple time with takeaway from downstairs after the little one was tucked into bed.

I didn't realise beforehand that having a little one means expanding the family not by one but by n, hoho! So recently, we fix Sunday to have lunch with the extended family so that everyone can spend some time with the little precious (and the big one too!), which is similar to what I had as a child - we used to visit the two sets of grandparents on alternate Sundays. Just as well since Mum cooks on Sundays - we thought it's nice to remove the stress of traveling on Sundays. (For those who don't know, my in-laws live right across the road from us - do I hear gasps of shock or glimpse nods of approval? Haha!) That's why the clan is celebrating Sito's birthday at Jumbo this Saturday instead of Sunday, the actual day.

As for dinner, well, we had pizza and McDelivery (on separate occasions!) a few Sundays ago. Those were very nice couple times, just sitting in front of the TV with our food and each other's company :) So we've decided to stay in for dinner on Sundays to get more rest before work the next day - can try all the food delivery options haha! Must find something nice this Sunday - the wife is celebrating the husband's birthday! :)

So we're slowly getting into some family routine. Weekdays are usually mama and son time as Sito is often overseas. If he's not, he's back only after ZK has gone to bed and spends more time with his laptop than with his wife, bleah!

Saturdays are best for our little family lunch, and if we feel up to it, dinner outside or with the extended family for special occasions. And we tend to schedule the occasional meet-ups with friends on Saturdays.

Seems like we often have to steal time for some 二人世界 but I'm already very grateful that it's been possible at all, amid his work, baby demands and family obligations. And now that we think about it, Evanston was a great time for the two of us. Else, how to have time and privacy to make ZK? :p (which brings to question how we are going to make the next little one... Let's think about that next year...)

But of course we don't hiam little ZK in our life! He's a wonderful addition and turns this married couple into a little family. Now he's still tiny and can't really interact much with us but when he's bigger, we can have some nice 三人世界 before the next little one comes along :)

Sito has a few days of enforced leave at the end of the year. We were thinking of going somewhere. Wouldn't it be nice to bring ZK overseas for the first time? I was pretty excited by the prospect of a little family holiday. But ZK would be settling into infant care at that time, just before I start work. It could be a nightmare if we disrupt his routine then!! So, oh well, no ringfenced 三人世界 then.. We'll bring ZK out another time when he's more settled. But we're making plans for 二人世界 while ZK is in infant care during his enforced leave! Lunch dates, movie dates, shopping trips, and even a trip to the dentist! Life is good :)

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