Friday, 16 November 2012

Eat to live

After a week with no cai fan, all I could think of last night was a plate of rice topped with meat, vege and eggs! So that was what I had for lunch today :)

Am I easy to 养 or what? Hoho!

I usually eat by myself, be it during this SAHM period or when I was working - I used to pack something to eat in front of my desk so that I could cram in more work, siao right... So cai fan is my number one choice - only one hand required, next to no mess, and with carbs, proteins and vege all on one plate, so balanced :)

But I also like noodles, especially wan tan mee and bah chor mee - 白的不要油!

Auntie: 醋要吗?
mf: 要!
Auntie: 酱青咧?
mf: Um, ok!

Troublesome but the stalls I frequented at work knew my preference after a while :)

But these noodle options have close to no vege - that small piece of lettuce on top of the bah chor mee is a disgrace to the vege community. And spring onions don't count! So I make sure I have cai fan for lunch or cook more vege for dinner every day.

Once in a while, I'll indulge in less everyday (read: more expensive) options. I like my sashimi, pasta, sandwiches and burgers :) But again, they don't have much vege so I still must have something practical for the other meal of the day.

Actually, I like angmoh food a lot. If it's cheaper and has more vege that isn't raw, I would have it every day! Still remember our Evanston days - one meal pasta, one meal rice. And burgers and sandwiches for me during Sito's internship :)

But I'm generally quite easy with food. After all, I eat to live. I don't care if:

1) it's not the most interesting cai fan - I don't need variety. I often eat the same one or two vege, the same one or two meat and the same one or two egg/tofu dishes. Hey, that's some six (? :p) permutations already!

2) it's not the best bah chor mee or the mee is no longer as good as eons ago - if it's not near me, I'm not going out of the way for it. And unless something is terribly horrid tasting, I can't tell it apart from the best anyway!

3) it's not the freshest ingredients - this is very subjective. Which is fresher? The piece of chicken from a chicken which was killed at 3 am to be sold that morning to be cooked through, or the piece of tuna sashimi from a tuna which died three weeks ago at sea and was flash-frozen until it was sold to be eaten raw?

4) it's the heavenly combination of parsley and cheese in the tenderest part of the perfectly smoke-grilled veal blah blah blah.. Eh, speak English! I like watching food shows - simply looking at some foods is enough to make me drool, but please, no running commentary! What do I care if this fish melts in your mouth?! And I'm not interested in seeing half-chewed food in your mouth too. Just shut up and eat.

That said, there are some stuff worth living to eat - chocolate for one :)

miso: Cos you can't eat that to live?!

Anyway... Spent a simple quiet day with ZK today. He didn't laugh much but he didn't cry much too! :p A surprise walked through the door at 5 plus this evening - Sito came back early! So we had dinner together. And he's next to me on the bed with his laptop *.* Well, at least he's here :)

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