Thursday, 1 November 2012

Simple happiness :)

I checked out this mum of two sitting across from me at the coffee shop where I had lunch. Her older boy looks about two or three and she was carrying her baby girl in her arms - she must be just older than ZK. I'm sure she checked me out too :p I mean, we're both mums on our own! But she's more 厉害 - she has two kids!

It's hard to cook when ZK is awake as I never know when he needs attention. That's why I cook only dinner after he has fallen asleep. So I went to the supermarket again after lunch to stock up on ingredients. ZK whined a little at the queue for the till, and two aunties in front of us let us go first! Happy :)

We also went to the post office to collect a missed delivery - my diaper bag organisers are here! Bought one to transform my big roomy bag into a diaper bag and one, well, just in case *.* Very auntie mentality :p But I'm thinking of using that for the second changing station in our bedroom when we transit him to the bigger bath tub. So organised, me! Happy :)

That was part of my first purchase from Gmarket last Friday. I suspect it's the first of many.. Also got my bib clip in the mail - actually I ordered wrongly; wanted pacifier clip *.* Just waiting for nappy rash cream now. I've added more stuff to the shopping cart for consideration. Gmarket is so evil but I love it, ha! Happy :)

This afternoon, I wasn't very successful at helping ZK nap. But I took a nap :p When I woke 30 min later, he was still kicking about! And a few kicks after I woke, he made a three-quarter flip - the second I've seen! (Pictures later - blogging on the iPad now..) And he was generally happy despite being ignored by a sleepy mama for that long. Happy :)

He kind of stopped there; could have turned all the way! Next time :)

Anyway, I helped and flipped him for some tummy time. Hello, DD!

I've done almost nothing this week except playing with ZK. I did everything by his schedule so far this week. There were two days when I was in PJs the whole day except during lunch. Lounging with him is very comfortable, so much that I contemplated bringing him to our bed next week when Sito will be in JB! But slippery slope, better not... These days when I kiss his cheeks, he will give me a smile most of the time; he used to only give a wth-did-you-just-do-to-me look! Happy :)

Sito is in Singapore for the past two weeks :) But he works long hours and continues back home :( Although he'll be in JB next week, he'll work better hours. We may even be able to chat more! So, happy? :)

I hope to still be awake when he comes home tonight. Want to see his face when he sees the fruits today - got the juicy pear he likes for the first time! It's nice to be able to do something as simple as cutting fruits for him when I'm less able to meet my old - high - standard of the stay-at-home wife like in Evanston since becoming a stay-at-home mum. I'm hopeful that I can still cut fruits for him as a full-time working mum next year. Happy :)

I love being happy. I realise that when I'm happy, I'm grounded in the present, which is good. I remember being very very unhappy after I graduated and had to return to no privacy and no independence and just about no everything - I kept thinking about my life in Oxford!! It's one thing to reminisce and another to live in the past.

And nothing beats the happiness of the simplicity that we have. I'm looking forward to having a family nap or two again this weekend. I'm pretty sure Sito and Sito Junior are too :)

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