Saturday, 3 November 2012

Sleeping ZK

So here we are again, with our own gadgets on each side of the bed after a hot pot of instant noodles in front of the TV this cool rainy evening. What did we used to do before all these iP*** came about??

miso: Each other? ^.^
mf: *.*

We had two consecutive bad nights - ZK was more or less sleepless for four hours in the past two nights. He didn't fall asleep after nursing, he couldn't stay asleep. Tried to let him cry it out, but I ended up sleeping in bursts of five minutes cos I kept going to check that he wasn't going to struggle to the edge of his bed. Last night, he was staring at me with big serious eyes for quite a while - rather eerie with the nightlight on!

But today has been interesting. He fell asleep on his own - ok, I helped him along by shhh-ing; he's not so powerful like V-jiejie who dozed off just sitting next to her parents at lunch today! - five times! First in his bed soon after he woke for the day, second on our bed, third in the sling which was no surprise, fourth on our bed with us and finally in his bed for the night!


Asleep with his pacifier and my old PJs.. "Don't disturb me.."

But let me not be too happy yet.. Let's see how many times he'll wake tonight.. Fingers crossed...

Update the next morning...

He woke only twice :) First time at 2.30 am, just after I suddenly woke wet and engorged (my boobs spilt out of my bra on all sides!!), he drank and got drunk. Second time, I left him awake and when I checked on him later, he had fallen asleep, yay! But he woke in a pool of his own poop this morning *.*

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