Sunday, 23 December 2012

Mindful giving

Talk about gifts..

Sito went to a Christmas party lat night and returned with lots of gifts from close friends. ZK now has more stuff waiting for him to appreciate!

But quite paiseh as we didn't think to prepare gifts for them. Maybe gifting is a Christian thing at Christmas but we thought we should prepare something in return at the next party this coming Saturday that we just got to know of.

Thing is, you should know my position on gifts right... And how to get something right for a specific occasion and with so little lead time?!

So I turned to the all-knowing google, searching for whole-family gifts. And I came across an article on mindful giving, which made me realise that there's something that I like to give people - things I make myself!

I used to bake a lot in Oxford and send those goodies around during cookouts. Less time for that in Singapore though.. The most recent major session was 2010 when I made more than a hundred cookies and packed them in individual pouches for everyone in the office - gripped by a baking craze.. I totally enjoyed that process - baking, packing, tying with pretty ribbons, handing them to my colleagues or leaving them on their desks.

I also like to give treats for birthdays - go out for a nice meal on me! The funniest one was when I made the reservation at Morton's in my name, saying that it was my husband's birthday, and the menu said "Happy Birthday, Mr Low!" Hoho!

As for non-food, I only remember the trophy for Na. It's just too difficult to make things!

So, next Saturday.. I may bake something on Friday but that will mean missing out on going out with Sito on his off day.. Maybe pick out nice flavours of cupcakes I wish I could make? :)

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