Saturday, 22 December 2012

From my beloved

Woke from a nap today to find Sito gone. I couldn't reach him on the phone and when he called back, he sounded odd - went to Orchard by himself, not meeting anyone, hmmm...

And then he came home with a Samantha Thavasa!

My dear husband has gone shopping for my birthday present :) "No time to get otherwise.."

I was so tired from a cold and a whining ZK and so touched that I just broke down. (And ZK stopped whining when he heard me cry, um, strange..) He got me presents for almost every birthday while I didn't get him presents for almost every birthday *.*

Jiejie carried one of their bags last Sunday and I commented that I noticed them when I walked past it the previous day. But I recoiled when I heard the price range. "Ok, I don't need expensive bags!" Because I'm very kiam and very auntie.

I forgot about it afterwards but look at what I'm holding in my arms now! Mine came with a furry pong pong and a separate charm bearing my initial.

Sometimes, his attention to such details amazes me :)

Thank you, 老公! :) I shall go put back the button on your shirt now! Hoho!

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